Dumb trivia quiz questions with the answers.


The average person does what thirteen times a day?
A: Laughs

The Average American does what 22 times a day?
A:  Opens Fridge

On Sunday in Florida it is illegal for a single woman to do what?
A:  Skydive

What is Johnny Depp afraid of?
A: Clowns

Washington police officers get a half hour class in how to what?
A:  Sit Down

In California you can't legally buy a mousetrap without having a what?
A:  Hunting License

Who said "I've never had an accident worth talking about" ?
A:  Captain E J Smith of the Titanic

In the French vineyards, it's illegal to do what?
A:  Land a Flying Saucer

In Texas it's illegal to swear in front of a what?
A:  Corpse

Coprastastaphobia is the fear of what?
A:  Constipation

What type of sportsman are most likely to get diseased anuses or rectums?
A:  Water Skiers

In South Dakota it's illegal to fall down and sleep where?
A: In a Cheese Factory

It's illegal in Georgia to do what with a fork?
A:  Eat fried chicken

In Blythe Ca. you can't wear cowboy boots unless you own at least  5 what?
A: 5 Head of cattle

In Kansas it's illegal to eat cherry pie with what?
A:  Ice Cream

The first puck used In the game of ice hockey game, what was the first puck used made out of?
A: Frozen cow manure

What ailment kills the most fruit flies?
A:  Constipation

It's illegal in Texas to put what on your neighbors Cow?
A: Graffiti

A law in Illinois prohibits men from doing what in public?
A:  Having an erection

In Minnesota it is illegal to tease what type of animal?
A:  Skunk

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