Easy Trivia Quiz Questions


What royal led the campaign against the use of land mines?
A: Princess Diana.

Who was called the Godfather of Soul?
A: James brown.

The musical, Annie Get Your Gun, was based on what wild west star?
A: Annie Oakley.

Jackie was the first regular black baseball player in a top team. What was his last name?
A: Robinson.

Who sang with the Union Gap?
A: Gary Puckett.

U.S. President John F Kennedy was assassinated by whom?
A: Lee Harvey Oswald.

What medical event caused Arthur Ashe to quit professional tennis?
A: Heart attack.

What woman was the Prime Minister of the UK throughout the 80s?
A: Margaret Thatcher.

How did Shirley Temple Black earn fame as a  child?
 A: Movie Star.

How many times did Richard Burton marry Elizabeth Taylor?
A: Twice.

Giorgio Armani is famous what?
A: Fashion designer.

Where was John F. Kennedy assassinated on 22 November 1963?
A: In Dallas Texas

Franklin D Roosevelt's wife, who helped draw up the Declaration of Human Rights in 1945 had what first name?
A: Eleanor.

Who came up with the saying 'Read my lips - no new taxes'?
A: George Bush.

Who, in Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel, was closely associated with Mr. Hyde?
A: Dr. Jekyll.

In 1963,  whose speech began 'I have a dream...'?
A: Martin Luther King.

What is Hillary Clinton's daughter's name?
A: Chelsea.

How many gold medals did Mark Spitz win in Munich?
A: Seven.

Glenn Miller disappeared after setting off on a journey in what type of craft?
A: Plane.

Francis Gary Powers was piloting what kind of aircraft when he was shot down over the USSR in 1960?
A:  U-2.