Fun Animal Trivia



What is a Kakapoo?
A:  Nocturnal New Zealand Parrot

What dinosaurs name translates as "speedy predator"?
A:  Velociraptor

Only 10% of the world's total population of what are left in the wild?
A:  Rhinoceros

What is the correct name for the honey bear ?
A:  Kinkajou

Where are the best fun animal trivia questions with answers?
A:Right here at Trivia Country!

It is illegal to mistreat who or what  in Denver Colorado?
A:  Rats

The Cushat, Rock, and Stock, are all types of what avian creature?
A:  Doves

A Vasectomised ferret is called a what?
A: A hoblet

Which type of dinosaur has a name that translates as "three horned"?
A:  Triceratops

What kind of food does a carpophagus animal eat?
A:  Fruit

A group of Falcons is called what?
A:  A Cast

The  average US citizen eats about 28 whats in their lifetime?
A:  Pigs

Who pulled the thorn from the lions paw ?
A:  Androcles

What is a smew?
A:  A type of wild duck

What kind of dog, in ancient China, could only be owned by the aristocracy?
A:  Pekinese

In what country did the Marino sheep originate?
A: Spain

In People worshiped what in  ancient Mesopotamia ?
A: Pigeons

Ragdoll , Korat,  Sphinx, and  Tiffany  are all breeds of what?
A:  Cats

What bird lays the largest clutch of eggs of any bird?
A: The Grey Partridge – up to 16 eggs at a time.

Pirate Captain Flint's ship was called what?
A:  Walrus

Name Captain Nemo's pet seal.
A: Esmeralda

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