Easy miscellaneous American trivia quiz questions


What's the top number of a fraction called?
 A: The numerator.

Where do the Cowboys football team come from?
 A: Dallas.

What's the response to , "see you later, alligator"?
 A: After a while, crocodile.

Where was America's biggest rock festival staged?
A: Woodstock.

Where arew the best easy miscellaneous American trivia quiz questions?
 A: Trivia Country!

E.T., a 1982 Spielberg classic, was about a little boy and his pet what?
 A: Alien

Which city does the Giants baseball team hail?
 A: San Francisco.

Where did Bruce Springsteen declare he was Born?
 A: In The USA.

In Toy Story, what was Buzz's last name?
A: Lightyear.

Gotham city was home to what caped crusader?
A Batman.

Schroeder in the cartoon Peanuts is a big fan of whose music?
 A: Beethoven's.

Bugs Bunny's favorite thing to say is what?
A: What's up, Doc.

How long did Rip Van Winkle sleep?
 A: 20 years.

What west coast city in California has an area called Haight-Ashbury?
 A: San Francisco.

New Orleans is considered the home of what kind of music?
 A: Jazz.

What entertainment company produced the Lion King CD?
 A: Disney.

"I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing"? was used to advertise what beverage?
A: Coca Cola.

Who Merlin was the legendary "what" at the court of King Arthur?
A: magician.

Winnie-the-Pooh thought he had what?
A: very little brain.

Henry Ford first mass-produced the what?
A: Car.

Which US state is the smallest state of the Union?
 A: Rhode Island.

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