Free Mythology Trivia Questions

Who wrote the novel Dracula?
A: Bram Stoker.

What happens to Pinocchio every time he tells a lie?
A: His nose grows longer.

What sort of mythical creature is identified with the constellation Sagittarius?
A: Centaur.

In which river does the Lorelei lure sailors onto a rock?
A: Rhine.

Who was the beautiful youth loved by the Greek goddess Aphrodite?
A: Adonis.

Which animals are thought to have given rise to the belief in mermaids?
A: Seals / dugongs.

In Greek mythology, which god was the twin brother of Artemis?
A: Apollo.

What mystical word, whose Greek letters are equivalent to 365 in numbers, was used as a superstitious charm?
A: Abraxas.

In Norse Mythology, where is the home of the gods, reached by crossing the rainbow bridge?
A: Asgard.

Which Shakespearean title character committed murder after a prophecy by three witches?
A: Macbeth.

Who was the legendary magician at the court of King Arthur?
A: Merlin.

What is the collective name for the three sisters who had wings, talons, huge teeth and snakes for hair?
A: Gorgons.

Whom did Orpheus try to rescue from the realm of the dead?
A: Eurydice.

Which pair of German brothers collected such stories as 'Hansel and Gretel'?
A: The brothers Grimm.

What was the food of the gods, said to give eternal life to those who ate it?
A: Ambrosia.

Whose collection of fairy tales published in 1697 included 'Little Red Riding Hood' and ' Sleeping beauty'?
A: Charles Perrault.

Which American escapologist and conjuror campaigned against fraudulent mind readers and mediums?
A: Harry Houdini.

What magic object did Mozart write about in his opera?
A: Flute.

In which story does the heroine Dorothy make a journey along a yellow brick road?
A: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Who left Ithaca on a ten-year voyage, leaving behind his wife Penelope and son Telemachus?
A: Odysseus.

In Greek mythology, who was fated to make true prophecies that were never believed?
A: Cassandra.

In Norse mythology, who are the female attendants of Odin?
A: The Valkyre.

Who was the Roman goddess of peace?
A: Pax.

When is Walpurgis Night, noted for witches' Sabbaths?
A: May 1.

Which 18th-century German soldier was famous for his exaggerated accounts of his adventures?
A: Baron Munchhausen.

What was the name for the 'Islands of the Blessed' where heroes were sent by the Greek gods to enjoy a life after death?
A: Elysium.

In Greek mythology, who flew too close to the Sun?
A: Icarus.

What name is given to magic used with evil intent?
A: Black Magic.

Who was the ancient Egyptian redeemer god, husband of Isis?
A: Osiris.

To which British monarch was The Faerie Queen dedicated?
A: Elizabeth I.

Which sign of the zodiac is represented by a ram?
A: Aries.

Who were the guardian spirits of nature in Greek mythology?
A: Nymphs.

How were the goddesses Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and Thalia collectively known?
A: Graces.

Which legendary hero of an Anglo-Saxon epic poem defeated the water-demon Grendel?
A: Beowulf.

Which character created by Washington Irving fell asleep for 20 years?
A: Rip Van Winkle.

Who spurned Echo's love and was punished by being made to fall in love with his won reflection?
A: Narcissus.

What creature's head did Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, have?
A: Jackal.

Who was Electra's brother?
A: Orestes.

Who was Persephone's mother?
A: Demeter.

In the mythology of which ancient people was Marduk the creator of Earth and humans?
A: Babylonian.

In folklore, who is the king of the elves and fairies?
A: Oberon.

From which sun goddess did all Japanese emperors claim to be descended?
A: Amaterasu.

Which nymphs in Greek mythology were the guardian spirits of the sea?
A: Nereids.

Which Massachusetts town was the scene of witch trials in 1892 which led to 19 executions?
A: Salem.