Free printable trivia quiz questions

Which cartoon characters are described as being three apples high?
A:  The Smurfs

In the comic strip Peanuts, what is Snoopy's mothers name?
A:  Missy

Who supplied the voice of the cartoon character Mr. Magoo?
A:  Jim Bakus

How tall was  cartoon character Popeye?
A:  5 foot 6 inches tall

Where can you find the best trivia quiz questions with answers?
A:  Trivia Country!

Egg Fu is the enemy of what super hero?
A:  Wonder Woman

In 1941 who made her first appearance in All Star Comics?
A:  Wonder Woman

Which comic book hero rode a horse called storm?
A:  Aquaman  (it was a seahorse)

Snoopy's sister has what name?
A: Belle

Which superhero shares his name with a town in Turkey?
A:  Batman

The Flintstones are the second longest running cartoon, but what cartoon is the longest running?
A: The Simpsons

What is the name of the city where superman was  born?
A:  Kryptonopolis

Before she married Dagwood, what was Blondies name?
A:  Boopadoop

In the Fantastic Four what is Mr. Fantastic's name?
A:  Reed Richards

How did Scrooge McDuck earn his first dime?
A:  Shining shoes

Huey, Duey and Louie have what mother?
A: Dumbella Duck

What was the original name of The Daily Planet In Superman?
A:  The Daily Star

What Disney animated feature was the first with end credits?
A:  Alice in Wonderland

What day is Mickey Mouse's  birthday?
A:  November 18th

What is the name of the Flintstones cat?
A:  Baby-Puss

Which cartoon character had an Antarctic island named after him?
A: Huckleberry Hound