Miscellaneous trivia about a whole lot of interesting and fun things like pencil lead, dust mites, and supermodels.

How much weight is saved when an airline doesn't paint an MD-11 jumbo jet?
A: Almost 300 pounds.

What did prospectors in ancient times use to collect grains of gold from streams?
A: The fleece of sheep--unlike the  '49ers and other prospectors who panned for gold.

What was the average life span of a Stone Age cave dweller?
A: 18 years.

What was used to erase lead pencil marks before rubber came into user?
A: Pieces of bread.

How many points are there on a Maltese cross?
A: Eight.

Why do federal park rangers working on the subtropical marshlands of south Florida wear snowshoes designed for use in sub arctic climates?
A: the web-footed, wood-framed shoes keep them from sinking into the silty marshes.

How many dust mites can a gram of dust hold?
A: 500 (an ounce can hold 13,500),

What inspired bareback rider Nelson Hower to introduce circus tights in 1828?
A: His regular costume was missing--so he performed in his long knit underwear. Hower and other performers with the Buckley and Wicks Show normally wore short jackets, knee breeches an stocking. When their costumes didn't arrive in time for a show Hower improvised and changed circus fashions forever.

What high-fashion clothing designer spent two years in medical school before deciding to find another career?
A: Italian style-setter Giorgio Armani.

What  highly paid supermodel was valedictorian of her high school class and winner of a full college scholarship to study chemical engineering?
A: Cindy Crawford. the college was Northwestern University. Crawford dropped out after just one semester to pursue a modeling career.

An organization called SCROOGE was formed in 1979 in Charlottesville, Virginia. What does the acronym stand for?
A: Society to Curtail Ridiculous, Outrageous and Ostentatious  Gift Exchanges.

When Elizabeth Cochrane traveled around the world in less than 80 days in 1890, she used another name to conceal her identity. What was it?
A: Nellie Bly.

Identify the following; It was insured for $140,000; Sime Silverman founder of Variety gave it its nickname; and it measured 2-5/8 inches from head to tip?
A: Jimmy Durante's nose.

Who was Alexander the Greats' teacher?
A: Aristotle.

Exactly how long is one year?
A : 365 days, 5 hours , 48 minutes and 46seconds.

Who was the first inductee into the National Trivia Hall of Fame?
A: Robert L. Ripley, who was inducted in 1980 into the honorary hall sponsored by Trivia Unlimited magazine of Lincoln, Neb.

"Uphold the Right" (Maintiens le Droit) is the motto of what law enforcement agency?
A: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

What do the initials ,M.G., stand for on the famous British made automobile?
A: Morris Garage.

When were vitamins first described, and who is credited with their discovery?
A: In 1912; F.G. Hopkins and Casmir Funk.

What is the origin of the $64 question?
A: It was the highest prize ever paid to a winner on radio's Take it or Leave it.

Canadian stagecoach-robber Bill Miner (The Gentleman Bandit), is credited for creating what classic line in a holdup?
A: "Hands up."

What are the only two letters that are not on a telephone dial?
A: Q and Z.