Free City and State Trivia Questions


What state is called the Great Lake State?
 A: Michigan.

Where do the Cowboys football team come from?
 A: Dallas.

Rodgers & Hammerstein named what musical after a U.S. State?
A: Oklahoma.

In what city in California was Disneyland opened?
 A: Anaheim.

What state was Tracy Chapman born in?
 A: Ohio.

What state is called the Green Mountain State?
 A: Vermont.

Where In the USA, in 1991,was there a total eclipse where?
A: Hawaii.

The UN Earth summit was held where in 1992?
 A: Rio.

Which Gulf lies to the south of Florida?
A: Mexico.

Which two mid-Atlantic states have New in their names?
A: New York and New Jersey.

The state of Louisiana is nicknamed the what State?
 A: pelican.

The  National Tennis Center is located where?
 A: Flushing Meadow New York.

What state is called the Magnolia State?
 A: Mississippi.

Kentucky's bi-centenary of joining the Union was in what year?
A: 1992.

The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes is where?
 A: In southwest Alaska.

What state is called the Panhandle State?
A: West Virginia.

What is the location of the Tallahatchie Bridge, site of Billie Joe McAllister's suicide leap in folk ballad, "Ode to Billie Joe"?
 A: In Greenwood, Mississippi.

In what city is the world's largest soccer stadium?
A: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (the Maracana).

What state is called the Pine Tree State?
 A: Maine.

A wall was built to divide a city into east and west. What was the name of the city?
A: Berlin.

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