Easy Trivia Quiz Questions


Charles Blondin, the French tightrope walker made repeated crossings above what from 1859?
A: Niagara Falls.

Which character, in a Shakespearean novel, is haunted by the ghost of his murdered father?
A: Hamlet.

What did singer Sammy Davis Jr. die of in 1990?
 A: Throat cancer.

The Shoe was a nickname for which jockey?
A: Bill Shoemaker.

Peanuts cartoon strip was whose most famous creation?
A: Charles Schulz's.

What famous actress launched her own perfume called White Diamonds?
A: Elizabeth Taylor.

Marlon and Tito were two members of which famous family singing group?
 A: Jackson Five.

Henry Kissinger became whose national security adviser in 1969?
A: Nixon's.

What Russian leader was buried in his family's vault in 1998?
A: Tsar Nicholas II.

Tony Blair was  the last Prime Minister of the 20th century in what country?
A: Great Britain

Which one of Princess Grace of Monaco's children competed in the 1988 Olympics?
A: Prince Albert.

Along with Arafat and "Rabin, who else received the Nobel Peace prize in 1994?
 A: Peres.

What relation was Henry Ford II to Henry Ford?
 A: Grandson.

What was Frank Sinatra's last wife's name?
A: Barbara.

Elvis Presley appeared on what show that 82% of the TV audience tuned in?
A: The Ed Sullivan show.

How long was Pope John Paul I the Pope in 1978?
A: 33 days.

The spy Mata Hari was of what nationality?
 A: Dutch.

General Thomas Jackson was given what nickname because of his stern defense at the battle of Bull Run?
A: Stonewall.

General Tom Thumb joined what at the age of five in 1843?
A: P T Barnum circus.

The "Little black dress" was created by what French fashion designer?
A: Coco Chanel.