Religion and Myths Trivia

What is the name of the day before Good Friday?
A: Maundy Thursday.

The Babylonian and the Palestinian Talmuds are the sacred texts of which religion?
A: Jewish.

Which members of the Christian Church believe that Christ will make a second appearance on Earth?
A: Adventists.

Who founded the Christian Science movement?
A: Mary Baker Eddy.

In which century did Roman Catholics declare the Pope infallible?
A: Nineteenth.

Which colorful festival is celebrated and named after Shrove Tuesday, the day before the Lenten fast?
A: Mardi Gras.

Which Greek mythological hero and inventor of writing was stoned to death by the Greek army?
A: Palamedes.

In Greek mythology, who was transformed by Zeus into a heifer?
A: Io.

Who was John the Baptist's mother?
A: Elisabeth.

In Norse mythology, where do the souls of heroes killed in battle go?
A: Valhalla.

Which set of magical beliefs and practices is adhered to by 4% of the people of Haiti?
A: Voodoo.

Which civilization originated the myth of the phoenix, which rose from its own ashes?
A: Egyptian.

Whose teachings were used as a basis for the government of China for more than 2,000 years until 1912?
A: Confucius.

What is the name of the established Church of Scotland which follows a Calvinistic doctrine?
A: Presbyterianism.

Members of which persecuted religious group founded Pennsylvania?
A: Quakers.

Where did Odin feast with the souls of dead heroes?
A: Valhalla, in Norse myth.

Which parasite of trees was used in Druidism?
A: Mistletoe.

What is the indigenous religion of Japan?
A: Shinto.

What do we now call the Christian Revival Association?
A: Salvation Army.

What is the title of either of the two epic Hindu poems written in Sanskrit?
A: Mahabharata; Ramayana.

Which is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar?
A: Ramadan.

Which French declaration gave religious freedom to the Huguenots?
A: Edict of Nantes.

To which race of non-Semitic people did Delilah belong?
A: Philistine.

What was the name of a one-eyed Sicilian giant in Greek mythology?
A: Cyclops.

Who fell in love with a statue he had carved?
A: Pygmalion.

In which book did Charles Darwin expound the idea of evolution?
A: On the Origin of Species.

Which building is used for the election of a pope?
A: Sistine Chapel.

What was the name of Naomi's daughter-in-law?
A: Ruth.

What was the clerical office held by John when he wrote his three New Testament epistles?
A: Bishop of Ephesus.

Who published his laws of planetary motion in 1609 and 1619?
A: Johann Kepler.

Which astronomer said' finally we shall place the Sun himself at the center of the Universe'?
A: James Chadwick.

Who were the sons of Adam and Eve?
A: Cain and Able.

According to the Bible, who committed the world's first murder?
A: Cain.

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