Invention  Trivia Quiz Questions


Christopher Cockerel invented the what?
A:  Hovercraft

What was "the best thing", patented in 1954?
A:  Sliced bread

Who is credited with inventing the television?
A: John Logie Baird

What sporting equipment did Fred Waller patent?
A:  Water Skis

Where is the best place to look for invention and inventing trivia questions with the answers?
A: Trivia Country ofcourse!

Edison’s first practical invention was what?
A: Tick a Tape for stock market

In 1778, what did Oliver Pollock invent?
A:  The dollar sign $

In which city in 1847, was Alexander Graham Bell born?
A:  Edinburgh

What medical life-saver did Fredrick Sanger discover?
A: Insulin

What did James Outram invent?
A: Tramways

Richard Arkwright, the man who invented the Spinning Jenny, had what job?
A:  Barber

AG Bell opened a school in Boston in 1872 for Teachers of what kind of children?
A:  Deaf

Cyrill Damien, in 1829,  invented what type of musical instrument?
A:  Accordion

What was the name of the Major General who invented the exploding artillery shell?
A:  Henry Shrapnel

In 1951, which two car companies introduced power steering?
A:  Buick - Chrysler

What did Colonel Jacob Schick invent in 1928?
A: The Electric Razor

What was invented by Dr Edward Land in 1947?
A:  Polaroid Camera

In 1912, what nation introduced the world's first diesel locomotive?
A:  Germany

In  1656 Christian Huygens invented what ?
A: Pendulum clock

In 1804, J M Jacquard invented the world's first programmable device - What was it called?
A: Loom (used programmed punch cards)

The "Noisy Serpent" was the nick name for what invention in 1902?
A:  Vacuum Cleaner

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