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Who was found drowned at Chappaquiddick?
 A: Mary Jo Kopechne.

The unsuccessful landing by US troops in April 1961 was where?
 A: Bay of Pigs.

Where were the 1980 Olympics held which were boycotted by American athletes?
 A: Moscow.

18th-century German soldier, Baron Munchhausen was famous for his what?
 A: exaggerated accounts of his adventures.

E.T., a 1982 Spielberg classic, was about a little boy and his pet what?
 A: Alien

What was the name of Mikhail Gorbachev's wife?
 A: Raisa.

What actor has a child named Sage Moonblood?
A: Sylvester Stallone.

In 1991, where did actress Elizabeth Taylor get married for the seventh time?
A: Michael Jackson's ranch.

Which actress wrote The children's book Nibbles & Me was penned by a famous actress. What's her name?
 A: Elizabeth Taylor.

What was the animal nickname given to Carlos who was tried in 1997?
A: The Jackal.

Jim Lovell said, "Four days vacation and see the world". What was his job?
 A: astronaut.

When aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart disappeared  who was she flying with?
 A: Frederick Noonan.

Barney who was the star of a sitcom of over 160 episodes?
A: Miller.

Beatles track Hey Jude spent how many weeks at No 1 in the US?
 A: nine weeks.

The guardian spirits of nature in Greek mythology were called what?
A: Nymphs.

Which Big named vocalist died with the Bopper?
 A: Buddy Holly.

What singer  took Mack The Knife to the No 1 spot on the charts?
 A: Bobby Darin.

Mark Chapman read what book while waiting to be arrested after murdering  John Lennon?
 A: The Catcher in the Rye.

Another Brick In the Wall was a song recorded by what British Band?
 A: Pink Floyd.

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