Printable Trivia Questions


What, along with stroke and cancer, accounts for 64 percent of U.S. deaths?
 A: heart disease.

What's a polygon with four unequal sides called?
A: A quadrilateral.

A water moccasin is often called what, due to the white inside its mouth?
 A: A cottonmouth.

What's the largest and densest of the four rocky planets in our solar system, which is the largest and densest?
 A: Earth.

Where are the best printable trivia questions?
A: Trivia Country!

What rock star once said, "I never had any problems with drugs - only with policemen"?
A: Keith Richard.

Whitney Houston sang I will Always Love You in what film?
A: Bodyguard.

Sturgeon is the only fish that produces what, according to the FDA?
 A: real caviar.

What's the other name for the tranquilizer Valium?
 A: diazepam.

Agatha Christie worked in a hospital dispensary during World War I where she acquired her extensive knowledge of what?
 A: Poisons.

Rudolf Hess crash landed where in 1941?
 A: Scotland.

What was Samuel Clemens pen name?
 A: Mark Twain.

Where did the pineapple plant come from originally?
 A: In South America.

In a tubal pregnancy, where does the embryo implant itself?
A: A Fallopian tube.

Where was America's biggest rock festival staged?
A: Woodstock.

A major industrial accident occurred in India in 1984 in what city?
 A: Bhopal.

Who chose Sissy Spacek choose to play her in Coal Miner's Daughter?
A: Loretta Lynn.

Michael Jackson married whom in May 1994?
A: Lisa Marie Presley.

At Chernobyl there was a nuclear explosion in 1986. What country was it in?
 A: Ukraine.

The wine-growing Barossa Valley is in what country?
 A: Australia.

A wall was built to divide a city into east and west. What was the name of the city?
A: Berlin.

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