Cartoons and Comics Trivia Questions

In the Simpsons, what is Ned Flanders wife's name?
A: Maude

Disney's Pluto was originally whose pet dog?
A: Minnie Mouse

Dino was Fred's pet, what was Barney's pet named?
A:  Hoppy a Hoparoo

Who starred in the cartoon where the Tasmanian Devil made his debut?
A:  Bugs Bunny

Cartoons and Comics Trivia Questions And Answers are best on what site?
A:  Trivia Country!

Sterling Holloway was the original voice of what Disney character?
A:  Winnie the Pooh

In Winnipeg there is a statue to what cartoon bear?
A:  Winnie the Pooh

In the Batman comics what is the full real identity of the Riddler?
A:  Edward Enigma E Enigma

What was the first Disney cartoon film based on the life of a real person?
A:  Pocahontas

What is the date of Superman's birthday?
A:  29th February

T H White wrote the book for which Disney animated feature?
A: The Sword in the Stone

In 1955, who made his debut in a Warner Brothers cartoon?
A:  Speedy Gonzales

What is the name of Fred Flintstones paperboy?
A:  Arnold

What was the original name for the Dick Tracy comic strip?
A: Plainclothes Tracy

Mussolini's favorite cartoon character was who?
A:  Donald Duck

What cartoon strip has never had an adult appear in it?
A: Peanuts

Porky Pigs nephew is named what?
A: Cicero

What is Homer Simpsons greatest fear?
A:  Sock Puppets

What was the name of Casper the friendly ghosts horse?
A:  Nightmare

In what TV series did we meet Perry Masonry, the lawyer who never lost a case?
A: Flintstones

What cartoon character was it that was originally pink and called Orsen?
A:  Tweety Pie

What are the Smurf spin off characters that live underwater called?
A:  Snorks

The first Disney animated film released on video was what?
A: Dumbo

Who was the first cartoon character made into a parade balloon?
A:  Felix the Cat