Dance, Dances, Dancing and Dancer Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Grande and Chico are two versions of what type of Spanish activity?
A:  Flamenco dancing

What is Orchesis?
A: The  Art of Dancing

What are Hamilton House and Petronella?
A: Scottish country dances

The Patron Saint of dancers and actors is who?
A:  St Vitas

What would you be if you were a coryphée?
A:  Ballet Dancer

From what musical comes "Hey Big Spender"?
A:  Sweet Charity

A Galliard, Sarabande, Morisca and Courente  are what?
A: Types of Dance

What would you be watching if you saw a round or waggle dance?
A:  Honey Bees

In the Bolshoi ballet, what does the word Bolshoi mean?
A:  Big

In the Underworld what dance is usually performed for Orpheus?
A:  Can Can

Chaconne, Rigadoon, Passepied are all old style types of what?
A:  Dances

What dance is supposed to cure a spiders bite?
A:  Tarantella

In Saskatchewan it is illegal to watch what if drinking booze?
A:  Strippers  or Exotic Dancers

A Gandy Dancer has what job?
A:  Railroad repair

What was the name of any of the demonstration sports at the Sydney Olympics?
A:  Ballroom Dancing & Snooker

What do Sword, Square, Floral and Barn have in common?
A: They are types of Dances

What unusual Major does Brigham Young University offer?
A:  Ballroom Dancing

If you suffered from tantartism what would you be doing?
A:  Dancing Mania

What character did  Liza Minelli play in Cabaret?
A:  Sally Bowles

In 1962, Little Eva introduced what new dance?
A: The Locomotion

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