Fun Printable Animal Trivia Questions


What is unusual about the hooded pitohui bird?
A:  It’s highly poisonous

Dragoon, Antwerp, Poulter, Tumbler, and  Horseman are types of what kind of creature?
A: Pigeon

Indians used what kind of animal teeth for knife blades?
A:  Beaver

What do you call a group of sardines?
A: A family

Where are the best fun printable animal trivia questions with answers found?
A: Trivia Country!

How long can a bedbug live without food?
A:  One Year

Eunectes Murinus largest of its kind in South America, what other name is it known by?
A:  Anaconda

What would you call a group of Hyenas?
A: A giggle

What type of birds sit on the shoulders of Odin?
A:  Ravens

What kind of beast is a Charollais?
A: A  type of cattle

In the Chinese calendar what year follows  the year of the Monkey?
A:  Chicken

3% of people In the UK store what in their refrigerators?
A:  Live Maggots

One anger Two mirth Three wedding Four birth what are they?
A:  Crows

How many ponies did the pony express use each week?
A:  None - They used only horses

A  Mahout would use an ankus in their job to do what?
A: Goad an elephant

What do you call a group of  Rattlesnakes?
A: Rhumba

What type of bird gets  its name from Abo, for "Good to Eat"?
A:  Budgerigar

What fish is known as poor man's lobster?
A: The  Monk Fish

Down, husk, trace, and trip are all collective nouns for what type of creature?
A:  Hares

What animal spends the longest time standing?
A:  African Elephant (over 50 years)

What is a shubunkin?
A:  A goldfish

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