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In the late 1920s, who arranged 200 golf balls in neat rows in the hollow of a fallen tree at a public golf course in Winnipeg, Canada.
A: A gopher, in the mistaken belief that they were eggs and would make appetizing wintertime eating.

How many grooves are there on the edge of a quarter?
A: 119.

How many letters are there in the Hawaiian alphabet?
A: Twelve; vowels A-E-I-O-U; consonants H-K-L-M-N-P-W.

What is the only fifteen-letter word in the English language that can e written without repeating a letter?
A: Uncopyrightable.

What is the largest amount of American currency one can hold without having change for a dollar?
A: $1.19--three quarters, four dimes and four pennies.

What was a 13.5-carat diamond used for on the Pioneer 2 space probe to Venus in 1978?
A: Instrument-viewing ports. It was the only substance that was both transparent to infrared light and also able to withstand the red--hot heat and tremendous pressure of the Venusian atmosphere.

Who was featured in the Playboy centerfold when the magazine made its debut in 1953?
A: Marilyn Monroe.

What did the R in Edward R. Murrow stand for?
A: Roscoe.

What is the source of the hair in most camel's hairbrushes?
A: Squirrel tails.

Several American zoos have put up signs indicating "The Most Dangerous Animal in the World." where are they posted?
A: Next to full-length mirrors--for the viewing public.

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What was the name of Smokey the Bear's mate?
A: Goldie.

Where are the Islands of Langerhans?
A: In the human body--in the pancreas.

Why did the Smithsonian Institution develop a special perspiration and barnyard scent for one of their exhibitions.?
A: To make their re-creation of  a Maryland Sharecropper's house more realistic.

What unusual twosome spoke at ventriloquist Edgar Bergen's funeral in 1979?
A: Muppet creator Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog.

Why is the phrase "the quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog" used to check typewriters?
A: It's a pangram--it contains every letter in the alphabet at least once.

The highest surface wind speed ever recorded was at Mount Washington, New Hampshire, on April 24, 1934. What was it?
A: It was 231 miles per hour. (Winds become hurricane force when they reach 74 miles per hour.)

What is the highest rating given a top quality diamond?
A: D-flawless.

What altitude does a vehicle have to exceed for its pilot and passengers to be officially recognized as spacemen?
A: According to NASA 400,000 feet, or 75-1/4 miles, above the earth.

What did the Apollo 8 astronauts use to fasten down tools during weightlessness on their 1968 moon-orbiting voyage?
A: Silly Putty.

In what kind of store are you most likely to find Chilean nylons and Australian bananas?
A: A fish store. They are species of shrimp.

All told, how many children sis Siamese twins Chang and Eng Bunker father?
A: 22. Chang had 10; Eng, 12.