Animal Trivia Quiz Questions


What is another name for male crabs?
A: Jimmies

What are scaup?
A:  Wild ducks

In 1994 what was the most registered dog by American Kennel Club?
A:  Labrador retriever

What is a group of Ravens called?
A:  An unkindness

Where are the best animal trivia quiz questions?
A: Trivia Country!

We call them Turkeys, but what do the people in Turkey call them?
A:  American Birds

What malady can both humans and flies experience?
A: Athletes Foot

In proportion, what type of animal has the largest eyeball?
A:  Cat

What is the smallest species of penguin?
A:  The Fairy Penguin

What it is illegal to take to the movies with you in Maryland?
A:  A Lion

What name did Hopalong Cassidy's horse have?
A: Topper

What is the correct name for a un-calved cow?
A:  Heifer

What is A young beaver is called a what?
A: Kit

The Asian moon rat is the only animal that smells like a vegetable,  which vegetable is it?
A: An onion

A group of goats is called a what?
A: Trip

What is the correct name for a baby otter?
A:  Kitten

What does the name Tabitha translate to?
A:  Gazelle

In the Chinese calendar, what comes after the year of the snake?
A:  Horse

The world's largest rodent is called a what?
A: Capybara

The world's smallest true fish is called what?
A:  Dwarf Goby

What do only ungulate animals have?
A:  Hooves