Miscellaneous questions and answers about all kinds of different topics.

On what type of product would you find a message signed, "P. Loquesto Newman"?
A: Actor Paul Newman's line of food products.

The most common hat size for men is 7-1/8 what is the most common size for women?
A:22. Although both are measured in inches, men's hats are sized according to diameter and women's according to circumference.

In earlier times, what building material did most Eskimos use to build their homes?
A: Sod. Igloos, made of ice, were generally built only as temporary shelters.

How many sets of letters on the standard typewriter and computer keyboard are in alphabetical order--reading left to right, of courser?
A: Three sets--F-G-H, J-K-L, and OP.

How much water does a 10-gallon hat hold?
A: 3/4 gallon---or 3 quarts.

What was the only wood used by famed London cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale?
A: Mahogany.

How is Eleanor Thornton, secretary to British Lord Montagu of Beaulieu in the early twentieth century, part of automotive history?
A: She was the inspiration for the Flying Lady statuette--known as "The Spirit of Ecstasy"--That graces the radiator of the Rolls Royce. The original was created for Lord Montagu's Sliver Ghost by sculptor Charles Sykes in 1911.

Who has requested that her gravestone epitaph read, "Big deal! I'm used to dust"?
A: Writer-humorist-homemaker Erma Bombeck.

In 1937, sewing machine heiress Daisy Singer Alexander put her will in a bottle and tossed it into the Thames River near London. Where an when did it wash up?
A: On a beach in San Francisco, 12 years later. Under the terms of the will, the lucky beachcomber who found it inherited half of Daisy's $12 million estate.

Who was Grace Toof and how has she been immortalized?
A: She's the woman that Graceland, Elvis Presley's estate in Memphis, Tennessee, is named after. Presley bought it from Ruth Brown, who had named it for her Aunt Grace.

What was the first word that the blind Helen Keller learned in sign language from her teacher Annie Sullivan?
A: Water.

Annie Oakley, in a demonstration of her incredible marksmanship, once shot at 5,000 pennies tossed into the air. How many did she hit with her rifle fire?
A: 4,777--for an average of almost 96 percent.

What did comic genius Ernie Kovacs have installed in his California driveway to make maneuvering easier for visitors?
A: An asphalt turntable, which made U-turns unnecessary.

In what year was January 1 first used to mark the beginning of the new year?
A: In 153 B.C., by the Romans. Previously, New Year's Day was in March.

What Census Bureau category do you fall into if you are classified as a POSSLQ?
A: Person of Opposite Sex, Sharing Living Quarters.

The four-leaf clover is considered lucky because of its rarity and symmetry. What about he even rarer five-leave clover?
A: The superstitious consider it bad luck if kept--but good luck to both parties involved if given away immediately upon finding.

What is the size of the standard credit card?
A: 3-3/8 by 2-1/8 inches.

What group's motto is "Blood and Fire"?
A: The Salvation Army's.

What do the following crayon colors have in common--maize, raw lumber, lemon yellow, blue gray, violet blue, green blue, orange red, and orange yellow?
A: They were the first colors ever dropped from the Crayola crayon line. They were replaced in 1990 with bolder colors--cerulean, dandelion, wild strawberry, vivid tangerine, fuchsia, teal blue, royal purple and jungle green.