Trivia about hummingbirds, horses, bears, dogs, cartoon animals, Eagles, and more!


In Charleston, by law,  carriage horses must wear what?
A: Diapers

Walt Disney's first cartoon character was who?
A: Oswald the Rabbit

A group of  Peacocks is called a what?
A: Muster

What was the name of Sancho Panza's donkey?
A:  Dapple

What type of bird has legs but can't walk?
A:  Hummingbird

What do you call a group of Eagles?
A: Convocation

Concerning Grizzly bears, what does the word "Grizzly " mean?
A: Grey

September 22 is National what appreciation day?
A:  Elephant

What happened to Laika, the first dog in space?
A:  Suffocated on re-entry

What are a group of greyhounds called?
A:  A Leash

What type of domesticated animal is never mentioned in the Bible?
A: The cat

The sprat belongs to what family of fish?
A: Herring

In Norway what is a brisling?
A:  A sprat

In the Dickens novel" Hard Times", what kind of performing animal was Merrylegs?
A: circus dog

What does a nervous kangaroo do?
A:  Licks its forearms

A fellmonger deals in what  type of items?
A:  Animal skins

In the 1980 Olympics, Mischa was the name of the Russian mascot. What kind of creature was it?
A: Bear

A group of young Kittens  is called a what?
A:  A kindle

What type of animal is a jennet?
A: Small Spanish horse

What was the name of the horse before Silver in lone ranger?
A: Dusty

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