Industrial, Commercial and Industry Trivia - Questions and Answers

Industrial -Industry - Commercial - Practical Science Trivia Questions And Answers

Car batteries use what kind of acid?
A:  Sulphuric acid

 Zinc is obtained from what type of ore?
A: Calamine

Lead is obtained from processed what?
A: Galena

Kimberlite contains what ?
A:  Diamonds

Uranium is extracted from what?
A: Pitchblende

Freon is the gas used in what kitchen appliance?
A: Refrigerator

The clusec is the unit used to measure the power of what?
A: Vacuum pumps

Pewter is made by alloying what two metals?
A:  Tin and Lead

Stainless Steel is made by alloying Iron, chromium, and what other metal?
A: Nickel

Hydrated Magnesium Silicate is more commonly called what?
A:  Meerschaum or Sepiolite

Which type of metal is used in galvanizing?
A:  Zinc

The main ore supplying the metal nickel is what?
A:  Pentlandite

Who is The unit of sound, the Decibel, is named after who?
A: Alexander Graham Bell

What is the unit of measurement of electrical resistance?
A: The ohm

Brass is an alloy of Zinc and what?
A: Copper

The ore Sphalerite  supplies what metal?
A: Zinc

Mercury is extracted from what ore?
A:  Cinnabar

What is the common name for an integrated circuit?
A:  A Chip

What can be dipole, loop or helical?
A: Aerials  or antennas

Silver is the best conductor of what?
A: electricity

Jacinth or Hyacinth are alternative terms for which mineral?
A: Zircon

A "woof" is a what that is below 20 cycles a second?
A:  Sound

What is the SI unit of capacitance?
A: The Farad

What is the main ore supplying the metal aluminium?
A: Bauxite

In the Mohs scale of hardness, what comes in at number eight?
A: Topaz

Since first patent was issued in 1838, the mousetrap has been the subject of how many more patents?
A: 4,000

The ore Scheelite provides us with what elemental metal?
A:  Tungsten

What is the SI unit of illumination?
A: The  Lux

All of the worlds pictures of U.S. nuclear bomb explosions  were taken by who?
A: Harold Edgerton

What does a konimeter measure?
A:  Dust

Tin is extracted from which ore?
A: Cassiterite

The Photocopier was known as what?
A:  Ox Box Xerox

Smoke density is measured on the what?
A: Ringelmann scale

The formula for laughing gas is what?
A: N2O i

Who  made the world's first practical microscope?
A: Hans Lippershey

Sperrylite is the ore but what precious metal  is extracted from it?
A:  Platinum

Other than the Richter scale, what is an alternative for measuring earthquakes?
A:  Mercalli

What gas are the tires of a commercial airline filled with??
A:  Nitrogen because air freezes

What is the SI base unit of electrical current?
A:  Amperes

How much water is in every cubic mile of fog ?
A: One gallon

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