Miscellaneous Trivia Quiz Questions

Who was the director of the CIA from 1976-81?
A: George Bush.

In which mountains are Camp David?
A: Appalachian.

Which song say, "The words of the prophet are written on the subway walls?"
A: Sound of Silence.

Who sang the title song for the Bond film A View To A Kill?
A: Duran Duran.

In which country did General Jaruzelski impose marital law in 1981?
A: Poland.

How is Truman Streckfus Persons better known?
A: Truman Capote.

In which decade of the 20th century was Drew Barrymore born?
A: 1970s.

Who won the Oscar for directing It Happened One Night?
A: Frank Capra.

If it is 8 a. m. in California, what time is it in Missouri?
A: 10 a.m.

To a couple of years, when did Bobby Rydell have his first top ten hit?
A: 1959.

In which decade of the 20th century was Ted Danson born?
A: 1940s.

Hellenikon international airport is in which country?
A: Greece.

Who had a 60s No 1 with Lightnin' Strikes?
A: Lou Christie.

In which year was CNN founded?
A: 1980.

Who was President Reagan's Secretary for Defense from 1987 to 1989?
A: Frank Carlucci.

Which famous brother of Talia Shire does not share her last name?
A: Francis Ford Coppola.

Which musical featured the song The Street Where You Live?
A: My Fair Lady.

In basketball where do the Celtics come from?
A: Boston.

What does D stand for in the Computer Assisted CAD?
A: Design.

Which Disney film had the theme tune A Whole New World?
A: Aladdin.

What does MG sand for in Booker T & The MG's?
A: Memphis Group.

Florence Ballard was a member of which girl group?
A: Supremes.

Who was the target of the failed "Bomb Plot" of 1944?
A: Hitler.

Who was born first, Susan Sarandon or Glenn Close?
A: Susan Sarandon.

Who wrote the novel The Go Between?
A: L. P. Hartley.

In which musical do the sweeps sing Chim Chim Cheree?
A: Mary Poppins.

Who had a big 60s No 1 with Tossin' and Turnin'?
A: Bobby Lewis.

Sam Phillips was owner of which legendary recording studio?
A: Sun.

Which actor played Maxwell Smart?
A: Don Adams.

On a computer keyboard which letter on the same line is between C and B?
A: V.

Lunar 10's Lunar Excursion Module was named after which famous character?
A: Snoopy.

Who had an 80s No 1 hit with Hold On To The Nights?
A: Richard Marx.

In which decade did golfer Gary Player last win the British Open?
A: 70s.

Sarah FitzGerald has been a 90s world champion in which sport?
A: Squash.

Where was the peace treaty signed that brought World War I to an end?
A: Versailles.

Who directed the classic 30s western Stagecoach?
A: John Ford.

Which Chinese year follows the year of the sheep?
A: Monkey.

Where can you find the best miscellaneous general knowledge trivia quiz questions with answers?
A: Trivia Country!

Dave Gilmore and Roger Waters were in which rock group?
A: Pink Floyd.

What does the letter C stand for in OPEC?
A: Countries.

Which Welsh singer was invited to sing at the White House on Millennium Eve?
A: Tom Jones.

Which company was responsible for the oil spill in Alaska in 1989?
A: Exxon.

Vehicles from which country use the international registration letter C?
A: Cuba.

What date is Father's Day?
A: 3rd Sunday in June.

Which highway was Revisited in a classic 60s album by Bob Dylan?
A: 61.

In which decade of the 20th century was the FBI set up?
A: 1900s.

In which decade of the 20th century was Dan Aykroyd born?
A: 50s.

Which American wrote The Game of Chess in 1959?
A: Bobby Fischer.

Which leader did Hitler meet in the Brenner Pass in WWII?
A: Mussolini.

Birkdale golf course is in which British resort?
A: Southport.