Easy Superman Trivia  Questions


Who is Superman?
A: Superman is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

Who created the character?
A: Writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, high school students living in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1933.

They sold Superman to whom?
A: Detective Comics, the future DC Comics.

When did they sell it to Detective Comics?
A: In 1938.

Superman debuted in what comics?
A: Action Comics #1 (cover-dated June 1938).

What is Superman’s birth name?
A: Kal-El.

Where was he born?
A: On the alien planet Krypton.

How did he get to earth?
A: His father put him in a rocket and sent it to earth.

Who was his father?
A: Jor-El a scientist.

Who discovered and adopted superman as a baby?
A: A Kansas farmer and his wife.

Who is the child raised as?
A: Clark Kent.

Very early on he started to display various what?
A: Superhuman abilities.

Superman resolved to use his powers for the benefit of humanity through what?
A: A secret "Superman" identity.

Superman resides and operates in what fictional city?
A: Metropolis.

As Clark Kent, what is his occupation?
A: A journalist for the Daily Planet, a Metropolis newspaper.

Who is Superman's love interest?
A: Generally it’s Lois Lane.

Who is his archenemy?
A: Supervillain Lex Luthor.

He is typically a member of what league?
A: The Justice League.

Superman is a close ally of Batman and who?
A: Wonder Woman.

What color is Superman's cape?
A: Red.

When did sales of Action Comics and Superman decline from?
A: From the 1950s.

When did it begin to rise again?
A: Starting in 1987.

Superman #75 (Nov 1992) sold over 6 million copies, making it what?
A: The best-selling issue of a comic book of all time.