Movie and Film Trivia Questions With Answers

In which film did Richard Dreyfuss make his one line movie debut?
A:  The Graduate

Which movie is the only silent film to win the best picture Oscar?
A:  Wings

In George C Scott, what does the C stand for?
A: Campbell

On film, who first played Flash Gordon?
A:  Buster Crabbe

What macho actor appeared in drag in two Marlene Dietrich movies?
A:  John Wayne

What actor was the star of the movie" The Sixth Sense"?
A:  Bruce Willis

Which 1954 film won eight Oscars?
A:  On the Waterfront

Who played C-P3O in a series of films?
A: Anthony Daniels

Which movie was the only horror film nominated for the best film Oscar?
A:  The Exorcist in 1973

Tom Cruise's  first box office film was called what?
A:  Risky Business

Who played Inspector Clouseau in 1968?
A:  Alan Arkin

Marilyn Monroe's real last name was what?
A:  Mortenson

Who first starred in the film "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble"?
A:  John Travolta

Alphonso D'Abruzzo changed his name to what?
A:  Alan Alda

What movie won the best screenplay Oscar in 1970?

What actor starred in the movie The Sixth Sense?
A:  Bruce Willis

What family did Mickey Rooney base a series of movies on?
A:  Hardy family

"The Egg and I" was whose first film?
A:  Marilyn Monroe

Terrence Nezman  changed his name to what?
A:  Stanley Kubrick

What actor started his film career as Anglo Saxton type 2008 in the 30s?
A:  David Niven