General Knowledge Trivia Quiz Questions



Gotham city was home to what caped crusader?
A Batman.

Schroeder in the cartoon Peanuts is a big fan of whose music?
 A: Beethoven's.

Which cartoon character says "Dagnabit"?
 A: Deputy Dawg.

James Cagney played what character in White Heat?
 A: Cody Jarrett.

What west coast city in California has an area called Haight-Ashbury?
 A: San Francisco.

New Orleans is considered the home of what kind of music?
 A: Jazz.

Mexico city was devastated by an earthquake in 1985 and then hosted the what in 1986?
 A: World Cup.

Which color appears with White on the UN flag?
A: blue.

Sony launched the first personal what?
 A: stereo system.

Comedienne Lucille Ball starred in the first US TV show filmed before what?
 A: an audience.

What entertainment company produced the Lion King CD?
 A: Disney.

What does the O stand for in O. J. Simpson?
A: Orenthal.

"You can't ravish a tin of sardines"  was a line in what controversial book?
A: Lady Chatterley's Lover.

Who sang "To All The Girls I've Loved Before" with Julio Iglesias?
 A: Willie Nelson.

In 1979, what country did the USSR invade?
 A: Afghanistan.

Does Iceland, Canada or Japan have the most tractors per capita?
A: Iceland.

France pulled out what country in the 1950s?
 A: Vietnam.

The country of  Burma change its name officially in 1989 to what?
 A: Myanmar.

What well known actor "Danny" starred in Batman Returns?
 A: De Vito.

What kind of disaster befell Kobe, Japan in 1995?
A: Earthquake.