Free Easy Printable Trivia Questions


Arthur Miller was who's last husband?
 A: Marilyn Monroe's

George Bush defeated which TV evangelist to win the Republican nomination in 1988?
 A: Pat Robertson.

Who said "This is a dangerous and uncertain world" hours before he was assassinated in Dallas?
A: John F. Kennedy

Russian goldsmith Peter Faberge became famous for what?
A: His jeweled eggs.

Elvis Presley was the king of what?
A: rock and roll.

What was the name of Sherlock Holmes' assistant?
A: Dr. Watson.

Billie Holiday's life was immortalized in what movie?
A: Lady Sings the Blues.

Mike Tyson bit off what part of Evander Holyfield during a fight?
A: His Ear.

Who married Jacqueline Bouvier in September 1953?
A: John F. Kennedy.

Who did film star Grace Kelly marry?
A: Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

The third Monday in January in the USA is a public holiday celebrating whose birthday?
A: Martin Luther King.

The Mormons migrated westward to where in 1847?
A: Great Salt Lake, Utah .

What did Alfred Noel, founder of the Nobel prize, invent that made him wealthy?
A: Dynamite.

Who was Oliver Hardy's comic partner?
A: Stan Laurel.

What was the name of the man that Sirhan Sirhan assassinated?
A: Bobby Kennedy.

Monica Miss Lewinsky is associated with which U.S. President?
 A: Bill Clinton.

Amelia Earhart was the second person to make what kind of transatlantic flight?
A: solo.

American James Whittaker led a team to put 10 people on the summit of what mountain in 1990?
A: Everest.

Supermodel Rachel Hunter was married to what singer? 
A: Rod Stewart

Bobby Fischer was America's first what?
A: World chess champion.

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