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Free Trivia Questions About America

Fun American trivia questions and answers.

How many crates did it take to transport the Statue of Liberty from France to New York in 1885?
A: 214.

What did gangster Al Capone's oldest brother Jim--who went by the name Richard "Two Gun" Hart--do for a living?
A: He was a lawman in Nebraska--serving as a town marshal and a state sheriff.

In an effort to avoid recapture, how did convicted bank robber Robert Alan Litchfield change his features after his 1989 escape from Fort Leavenworth, where he was serving a 140-year term?
A: He underwent plastic surgery so he would look like actor Robert DeNiro.

Why didn't the anti-porn law passed by the town council of Winchester, Indiana, ever take effect?
A: The editors of the only newspaper in town refused to publish it claiming the law itself was pornographic. Under local statutes, no law could take effect until published in a newspaper.

Where are the best free trivia questions about America?
A: Trivia Country!

What plant's leaves did American colonists use to brew a tea substitute following their Boston Tea Party tax protest?
A: The goldenrod's-- the drink it yielded was known as "liberty tea."

When police and federal agents finally decoded the notation "K1,P2,CO8,K5" found in a Seattle woman's little black book in 1942, what did it turn out to be?
A: Knitting instructions:" knit one, purl two, cast on eight, knit five."

What was the name of the ship that was supposed to accompany the Mayflower on its historic journey across the Atlantic in 1620?
A :The Speedwell. It was left behind in Plymouth, England, when it started taking on water.

What well-known millionaire died when the Titanic sank?
A: John Jacob Astor.

What song was the band playing while the Titanic sank?
A: Not "Nearer My God To Thee," as is popularly believed, but the hymn "Autumn," by Francois Barthelemon.

Who gave our country the name, the United States of America?
A: Thomas Paine.

What article of clothing were women required to wear on the beach at New Jersey's Atlantic City until 1907--along with their standard attire of long bathing dresses, bathing shoes and straw hats?
A: Stockings.

What is the fourth most common language In America, what is the fourth most common language?
A: ASL American Sign Language

6,000 American teenagers do what every day?
A: Lose their virginity

What is the state capitol of New Jersey?
A:  Trenton

Alaska has no what?
A:  State motto

What state is the largest producer of Turkeys?
A: California

Diners Club was the first what?
A: Credit card

Where is the world's largest gold depository?
A:  Federal reserve bank Manhattan

In America, what are the Ambassador, Ben Franklin, and  George Washington?
A:  Suspension Bridges

Angelo Scicilano became famous using what name?
A:  Charles Atlas

A study in shades of grey is the name of what famous picture?
A:  Whistlers Mother

How did Massachusetts sea captain Joshua Slocum-- the first an to sail solo around the world--fight off pirates attacking his sloop?
A: He turned away the barefoot pirates by spreading carpet tacks on the deck of his boat.  Slocum completed his historic 46,000-miole, 38-month voyage in 1898.