Free Printable Trivia Questions and Answers About The Arts.

Fun free trivia questions and answers - the arts.

What is the name of Dr. Seuss's egg-hatching elephant?
A: Horton.

Who was Clark Kent's high school sweetheart?
A: Lana Lang.

What novel contains the longest sentence in literature?
A: Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo, with 823 words.

What famous book begins: "Chug, chug, chug.  Puff, puff, puff"?
A: The Little Engine that Could.

What was the first published Sherlock Holmes story written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?
A: A Study In Scarlet, in 1887.

To whom did Herman Melville dedicate his novel, Moby Dick?
A: Nathanial Hawthorne.

What was the name of the girlfriend of Felix the Cat?
A: Phyllis.

Under what assumed name did Oscar Wilde live out the last three years of his life, in "France?
A: Sebastian Melmoth.

What was Scarlett O'Hara's real first name?
A: Katie.

Who was the first writer to incorporate himself?
A: Edgar Rice Burroughs, the creator of Tarzan, who became a corporation in 1923.

How many years did Robinson Crusoe spend shipwrecked on his island?
A : 24.

The title of what artist's painting was used to name the Blue Rider (Blaue Reiter) school of German expressionist painters?
A : Russian Wassily Kandinsky.

George G. Moppet was the father of what comic strip character?
A: Little Lulu.

What one word was intentionally left out of the movie version of Mario Puzo's novel, "The Godfather". even though this word was the working title of the book?
A: "Mafia".

Ernest Hemingway once wrote that a man must do four things in his life to demonstrate his manhood. What were they?
A: Plant a tree, fight a bull, write a book, and have a son.

In the comic strips, what was the name of Mandrake the Magician's giant partner?
A: Lothar.

Where did Samuel Clemens get the idea for his pseudonym, Mark Twain?
A: It was the river call used by boatmen on the Mississippi to signify two fathoms of water.

What was the name of the pig leader in George Orwell's Animal Farm?
A: Napoleon.

Tess Trueheart is the wife of what comic strip character?
A: Dick Tracy.

In the Little Orphan Annie comic strip, what was the name of Daddy Warbucks's Giant bodyguard who wore a turban?
A :Punjab.

What comic strip character was named after heavyweight boxing champion James J. Jeffries?
A: Jeff, of Mutt and Jeff.

The Terror of the Monster was an early title for a best-selling novel which inspired one of the highest-grossing movies of the mid-70's. Under what name did it eventually terrify the reading and film going public?
A: Jaws.

Who wrote the story upon which Alfred Hitchcock based his 1963 suspense film The Birds?
A: Daphne du Maurier, best known for Rebecca.

What famous American writer was granted a patent for a best-selling book that contained no words?
A: Mark Twain. It was a Self-Pasting Scrapbook containing blank pages coated with a gum veneer.

Where will you find a 24-foot long, 3,500-pound aluminum lipstick tube mounted on a caterpillar tractor tread?
A : On the Yale University campus in New Haven, Connecticut-- it's a sculpture donated by pop artist Claes Oldenburg.

What famous American poet was a West Point cadet for two weeks, but was forced to leave after failing arithmetic and grammar?
A :Carl Sandburg, in 1899,

The Emerald City was the working title of which classic novel?
A: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

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