Fun Free Trivia Questions


What state is Wichita international airport in?
A: Kansas.

Cher participated in the opening of Walt Disney's first European them park, outside of what city in 1992?
A: Paris.

What state is called the Coyote State?
 A: South Dakota.

William F Russell was the Chicago police commissioner at the time of the St Valentine's Day what?
A: massacre.

The German airship Hindenburg crashed in what state in 1937?
 A: New Jersey.

What state is called the gem state?
 A: Idaho.

John Scopes brought to trial in Tennessee in 1925 for what reason?
A: Teaching about evolution.

Puerto Ricans popularized what kind of dancing in New York in the 1980s?
 A: salsa dancing.

Who went on trial for the Oklahoma bombing after Timothy?
A: Terry Nichols.

What was the last state to return to the Union after the Civil War?
 A: Georgia.

What state is called the Sioux State?
A: North Dakota.

What state is called the cornhusker State?
 A: Nebraska.

What was the name of the Hurricane that left a trail of destruction in Florida in 1998?
 A: Georges.

What state is called the Golden state?
 A: California.

Sgt. Snorkel in Beetle Bailey came from what town?
 A: Pork Corners, Kansas.

What state is called the Gopher State?
 A: Minnesota.

What state was the scene of Helen Kimble's murder in The Fugitive?
 A: Indiana.

What Texan city lies opposite Ciudad Juarez?
 A: El Paso.

Where did The maiden flight for the Boeing 707 take off from?
 A: Seattle.

The Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb in where in WWII?
 A: Hiroshima.