General Knowledge Trivia Quiz Questions


What natural sticky sweet substance was traditionally used as an antiseptic ointment for cuts and burns?
 A: Honey.

Prunes are dried what?
 A: plums.

Antarctica and Australia are two continents have never experienced a what?
A: major military conflict.

What two letters are both symbols for 1,000?
A: K and M.

Walt Disney movies has featured what two umbrella-carrying characters?
 A: Mary Poppins and Jiminy Cricket.

What is defined as a straight line that touches a curve but continues on without crossing it in geometry?
A: Tangent.

In the movie Babe, what type of animal was Babe?
 A: Pig.

The animal star of the film Jaws was a what?
A: Shark.

During the cold war what kind of curtain was said to divide east and west?
A: Iron curtain.

What type of days went with Rainy Days for the carpenters?
A: Mondays.

With what type of egg can you make over 11 average sized omelet's?
A: An Ostrich egg.

The mini skirt was the main fashion style of what decade?
 A: 60s.

Uncooked pork is where what kind of worm makes its home?
 A:  trichina

Long-playing records used to go round at what speed?
A:  at thirty three and a third r.p.m..

What virus did the World Health Organization say would infect 40 million people by the year 2000?
 A: HIV.

What is the name of Elvis Presley's daughter?
 A: Lisa Marie.

As a big-league pitcher, what was Babe Ruth's won-lost record?
 A: 94-46.

What was the name of the Hurricane that left a trail of destruction in Florida in 1998?
 A: Georges.

When someone asked prime minister Golda how it felt to be a woman minister Meir's response was what?
A: "I don't know - I've never been a man minister."

What boxing champion was said to float like a butterfly?
A:  Muhammad Ali

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