Famous people Trivia Quiz

Which organization handed over Brian Keenan in Beirut after 1600 days?
A: Islamic Dawn.

In which month in 1997 was The Notorious B.I.G. gunned down?
A: March.

What was the official occupation of Sir Anthony Blunt who was unmasked as a Soviet spy in 1979?
A: Art Historian.

Which famous name was accused f the abduction of Stompie Seipei?
A: Winnie Mandela.

What was the highest rank Charles Lindbergh attained?
A: Brigadier General.

What is Arnold Palmer's middle name?
A: Daniel.

The best famous people trivia quiz questions can be found where?
A: Trivia Country!

Who was the second person to make a solo transatlantic flight?
A: Amelia Earhart.

Who became commanding general of the First Armored Corps in 1941?
A: George Patton.

Who was the third wife of the leader of China's Long March?
A: Jiang Qing.

In 1985 Terry Waite returned to Beirut after securing the release of four British hostages where?
A: Libya.

Where did Ferdinand Marcos live in exile?
A: Hawaii.

Which American led a team to put 10 people on the summit of Everest in 1990?
A: James Whittaker.

Which founder of the company Triad was accused by the USA of receiving bribes?
A: Adnan Khashoggi.

UN Secretary Dag Hammarskjold was killed over which country?
A: Congo.

What was the autobiography of the first president of non-Apartheid South Africa called?
A: Long Walk To Freedom.

Which terrorist group murdered Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro?
A: Red Brigade.

General Boris Gromov was the last Soviet soldier to leave where in 1989?
A: Afghanistan.

Who was the first person after Scott to reach the South Pole overland?
A: Edmond Hillary.

Which politician's wife was acquitted in 1990 of defrauding US banks?
A: Imelda Marcos.

In what year did Saddam Hussein become President of Iraq?
A: 1979.

Who became chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1989?
A: Colin Powel.

Who became leader of the Bosnian Serbs in 1992?
A: Radovan Karadzic.

Who was deputy commander of the 1983 US invasion of Grenada?
A: Norman Schwarzkopf.

Mao wrote a Rd Book; who wrote a Green Book?
A: Colonel Gaddafi.

What was Mother Teresa's real first name?
A: Agnes.

Which famous daughter was made chief designer at Chloe in 1997?
A: Stella McCartney.

Which journalist first told the world about the My Lai massacre?
A: Seymour Hersh.

Which supermodel was married to Rod Stewart?
A: Rachel Hunter.

Who was America's first world chess champion?
A: Bobby Fischer.

Which Swiss-born Californian first used an amplifier with a guitar?
A: Adolph Rickenbacker.

Who was chairman of the Watergate hearings?
A: Sam Ervin.

Which member of Britain's Royal Family sold her autobiography for $1.3 million to Simon & Schuster?
A: Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York.

What is the name of Terence and Shirley Conran's dress designer son?
A: Jasper.

Who was credited with popularizing the term rock 'n' roll?
A: Alan Freed.

What were Gary Gilmore's final words before his execution in 1977?
A: Let's do it.

In which country was Ivana Trump born and brought up?
A: Czechoslovakia.

Who wrote the stage musical Cabaret?
A: Bob Fosse.

Which drink did The Spice Girls promote?
A: Pepsi.

Flamenco dancer Joaquin Cortes hit the headlines in 1996 over his relationship with which supermodel?
A: Naomi Campbell.

Who was the youngest brother in the Beach Boys?
A: Carl Wilson.

Which Italian fashion designer was murdered on the orders of his ex-wife?
A: Gucci.

Which blonde model appeared in the first Tim Hudson Batman movie?
A: Jerry Hall.

Which soap star launched a perfume called Scoundrel?
A: Joan Collins.

How old was George Gershwin when he died?
A: 38.

Who was the first black man to receive the Nobel Peace Prize?
A: Ralph Johnson Bunche.

Which actress was called by the US Senate a 'powerful force of evil' when she left her husband and child in 1948?
A: Ingrid Bergman.

Which golfer became only the fifth in history to win both the British and US Open championships in the same year, in 1982?
A: Tom Watson.

How many times did tennis legend Jimmy Connors win the US Open in the 1970s?
A: Three.

What sentence did Charles Manson receive for the murder of actress Sharon Tate?
A: Execution (although the death penalty was not in force in California).

Which pop star did model Iman marry in 1992?
A: David Bowie.

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