Trivia Questions About Cities and States



Which US state is the smallest state of the Union?
 A: Rhode Island.

Lake  Michigan provides Chicago with how many miles of lake shore?
A: 20 miles.

What town in Massachusetts did witch trials take place in 1892?
 A: Salem.

Mike Nesmith of the Monkees came from where?
A: Houston, Texas.

Who has the best trivia questions about cities and states with answers?
 A: Trivia Country!

What body of water is off the California coast?
 A: The Pacific ocean.

The Munich Olympic Games were the scene of a terrorist attack by whom?
 A: Palestinian guerrillas.

Florida's Everglades are famous for its what type of animal?
 A: alligators.

Which Russian city was famous for its State Circus?
A: Moscow.

What US state, that joined the Union in 1912, has both the word New and the name of a country in its name?
A: New Mexico.

The volcano Mount St. Helens, in Washington state, erupted in what year?
A: 1980.

Joe Montana played for what San Francisco team through most of the 80s?
 A: 49ers.

What US state along with Texas celebrated its centenary of joining the Union in 1945?
 A: Florida.

What state is called the Empire State?
 A: New York.

What western state is famous for Disneyland and the film industry?
A: California.