Hard Miscellaneous Random Trivia Questions

In which American state are the Merril Collection and the Burke Museum of Fine Arts?
A: Texas.

Which actor paid $93,500 for the baseball which rolled between Bill Buckner's legs in game six of the 1986 World Series?
A: Charlie Sheen.

Who was Theodore Roosevelt's Vice President between 1905 and 1909?
A: Charles W. Fairbanks.

Which nation was the first to ratify the United Nations charter in 1945?
A: Nicaragua.

What is the Alaskan terminus of the Alaskan Highway?
A: Fairbanks.

What was Buster Keaton's actual first name?
A: Joseph.

From 1903 to 1958, every Pope--bar one--took which name?
A: Pius.

Which US No 1 single came from Diana Ross's platinum album Diana?
A: Upside Down.

Which brothers were Warner Bros' first major record success?
A: Everly.

What is Whoopi Goldberg's real name?
A: Caryn Johnson.

Other than justice and liberty, how many females have appeared on US currency?
A: Three - Martha Washington, Pocahontas, Susan B Anthony.

River Phoenix died during the making of which  movie?
A: Dark Blood.

What was the title of Kitty Kelley's book about Elizabeth Taylor?
A: Elizabeth Taylor: The Last Star.

What was Eddie Fisher's last top ten hit?
A: Cindy Oh Cindy.

What are the international registration letters for a vehicle form Jordan?

Which artist David was born in Bradford UK?
A: Hockney.

Which actress was born on exactly the same day as Al Gore?
A: Rhea Pearlman.

What is Mel Gibson's middle name?
A: Columcille.

In which country was Julie Christie born?
A: India.

Which artist created the Katzenjammer Kids?
A: Rudolph Dirks.

Who had a 60s No 1 hit with Johnny Angel?
A: Shelley Fabares.

Which country does the airline VIASA come from?
A: Venezuela.

Who directed Back To The Future?
A: Robert Zemeckis.

Richard Daley was mayor of which city for 21 years?
A: Chicago.

Where was Che Guevara killed?
A: Bolivia.

Daryl Dragon used which name when he formed a 70s duo?
A: Captain.

What's the link between a certain Peter Scott and Lauren Bacall, Liz Taylor and Sophia Loren?
A: He robbed them.

Which has the highest population, Rode island or South Dakota?
A: Rhode Island.

What was Oliver Reed's real first name?
A: Robert.

Which European newspaper published detailed photographs of the car crash involving Diana, Princess of Wales?
A: Bild.

Which country does the airline Sansa come from?
A: Costa Rica.

Who drew Felix the cat?
A: Otto Messmer.

Who wrote the song Harper Valley PTA?
A: Tom T. Hall.

Which singer was born in Tennessee in 1917 with the first names Francis Rose?
A: Dinah Shore.

What was Elvis's last No 1 in his own lifetime?
A: Suspicious Minds.

Who choreographed the first performance of Copland's Rodeo?
A: Agnes de Mille.

Who wrote Riders of the Purple Sage?
A: Zane Gray.

What were DW Griffith's first names?
A: David Wark.

Who created the line, "Happiness is a warm puppy?"
A: Charles Schulz.

Who was the voice of Popeye for 45 years?
A: Jack Mercer.

Who directed The Big Sleep and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?
A: Howard Hawks.

In which year was the talkie The Jazz Singer released?
A: 1927.

Alborg Roedslet international airport is in which country?
A: Denmark.

Vehicles from which country use the international registration letters WG?
A: Grenada.

What was Elton John's first US No 1 hit?
A: Crocodile Rock.

In which decade was the Oral Roberts University founded at Tulsa?
A: 1960s.

In which English city is the Burrows Toy Museum?
A: Bath.