Easy Batman Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers


Who is Batman?
A: Batman is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

Who created the character?
A: Batman was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger.

When did Batman first appear?
A: Detective Comics #27 (1939).

What was the character originally named?
A: The "Bat-Man".

Batman is also referred to as the Caped what?
A: Crusader.

What is Batman's secret identity?
A: Bruce Wayne.

Who is Bruce Wayne, other than his secret identity?
A: An American billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, and owner of Wayne Enterprises.

After witnessing the murder of his parents what did a young Bruce Wayne do?
A: He swore vengeance against criminals, an oath tempered by a sense of justice.

Who were his parents?
A: Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne.

Wayne trains himself physically and intellectually and crafts a bat-inspired persona to do what?
A: Fight crime.

Batman operates in what fictional city?
A: Gotham City.

Batman gets assistance from what main three supporting characters?
A: His butler Alfred, police commissioner Gordon, and vigilante Robin.

Unlike most superheroes, Batman does not possess any what?
A: Superpowers.

What does Batman rely on since he has no super powers?
A: His genius intellect, physical prowess, martial arts abilities, detective skills, science and technology, vast wealth, intimidation, and indomitable will.

Who is Batman’s archenemy?
A: The Joker.

Batman became popular soon after his introduction in what year?
A: 1939.

In 1940, what did he gain?
A: His own comic book title, Batman.

The success of Warner Bros.' live-action Batman feature films have helped maintain what?
A: The public's interest in the character.

In 2015, FanSided ranked Batman as number one on their list of what?
A: "50 Greatest Super Heroes In Comic Book History".

Kevin Conroy, Bruce Greenwood, Peter Weller, Anthony Ruivivar, and Jason O'Mara, among others, have provided the character's what?
A: Voice for animated adaptations.