General knowledge trivia questions.


What is the surname of the Hungarian inventor whose multicolored, rotatable cube became a world cult?
A: Rubik.

How long is the appointed term of office of the secretary general of the United Nations?
A: Five years.

What is thrown backhand by the people who contest the championships of the World Flying Disc Association held in the USA?
A: Frisbee.

What is the term for a person with assets of over 1,000 million dollars?
A: Billionaire.

Carlo Collodi wrote a story about a wooden puppet which became human. What is its title?
A: The Adventures of Pinocchio.

What is the acronym for the agency set up in 1923 to provide co-operation between police forces worldwide?
A: Interpol.

What was the surname of Charles, the dog expert, who organized his first dog show in 1886?
A: Cruft.

What is the term used to denote the unauthorized and illegal accessing of computer programs, often with criminal intent?
A: Hacking.

On which spring day is a hoax victim referred to as a 'gowk' in Scotland and a poisson d'arvril in France?
A: April Fool's Day / 1 April.

What stands 320 meters tall in the Champ de Mars and was designed for the 1889 Parts Exhibition?
A: Eiffel Tower.

Which Italian city was buried, along with Herculaneum, when Vesuvius erupted in AD 79?
A: Pompeii.

What is the official monetary unit of the European Community?

What are the Long Man of Wilmington and the Cerne Abbas Giant?
A: Hill figures.

Whose unsuccessful challenge for the Conservative Party leadership in 1990 brought down Margaret Thatcher?
A: Michael Heseltine.

What was Michelangelo's first name?
A: Michelangelo.

Which instrument does James Galway play?
A: Flute.

The failure of which crop caused famine in Ireland in 1845?
A: Potato.

Who lives at number 11 Downing Street?
A: the chancellor of the Exchequer.

Which International sport uses rings and parallel bars?
A: Gymnastics.

Which is the smallest breed of dog?
A: Chihuahua.

Which small shark is served in fish and chpo shops as 'rock-eel' or 'rock salmon'?
A: Dogfish.

In which war was the Battle of Naseby fought?
A: English Civil War.

What is the normal color of the gem sapphire?
A: Blue.

Whose first holiday camp opened at Skegness in 1935?
A: Billy Butlin.

Which Australian outlaw wore home-made armor?
A: Ned Kelly.

What was the nickname of the World 'war I 'German aviator Manfred von Richthofen?
A: The Red Baron.

In which West Indian dance does the dancer pass under a low pole?
A: Limbo.

Who was Moby-Dick?
A: A whale.

How many milliliters are there in one cubic centimeter?
A: One.

What unit of area was originally the size that a yoke of oxen could plough in a day?
A: Acre.

What sort of woolen headgear was named after a battle of the Crimean War?
A: Balaclava helmet.

What is the name common in three Scottish kings, eight popes, and three Tsars of Russia?
A: Alexander.

Whose tomb is situated in Arlington Cemetery, Washington, at the Arc de Triumphe, Paris, and in Westminster Abbey, London?
A: The Tomb of the Unknown.

Who said “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" on 20th July 1969?
A: Neil Armstrong.

What is the Latin word for ‘elsewhere’ which we use to mean that the person under suspicion was somewhere else when the crime was committed?
A: Alibi.