McDonalds Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

McDonalds Trivia Quiz Questions

What is McDonald's?
A: It is an American hamburger and fast food restaurant chain.

When was McDonald’s founded?
A: In 1940.

What type of restaurant was it at the time?
A: It was a barbecue restaurant.

Who was it operated by?
A: Richard and Maurice McDonald.

In 1948, they reorganized their business as a what?
A: Hamburger stand.

The first McDonald's franchise opened in Phoenix in what year?
A: 1953.

When did Ray Kroc join the company as a franchise agent?/
A: In 1955.

Today, McDonald's is one of the world's largest restaurant chains, serving approximately how many customers daily?
A: 68 million.

Where was the original business located?
A: At 1398 North E Street at West 14th Street in San Bernardino, California.

Where did the first McDonald's with the arches open?
A: In Phoenix, Arizona.

On what date did it open?
A: In March 1953.

When did McDonald's first file for a U.S. trademark on the name "McDonald's"?
A: On May 4, 1961.

The "Golden Arches" logo appeared in various forms, the present version as a letter "M" did not appear until when?
A: November 18, 1968, when the company applied for a U.S. trademark.

McDonald's restaurants are found in how many countries?
A: 118 countries and territories.

How many customers does McDonald’s serve each day?
A: 68 million.

How many restaurants does McDonald's operate worldwide?
A: 36,615.

How many people do they employ?
A: More than 420,000 people.

How many company-owned locations are there?
A: 6,056.

How many franchised locations are there?
A: 30,559.

McDonald's has increased shareholder dividends for how many consecutive years?
A: 25.

In October 2012, its monthly sales fell for the first time in how long?
A: Nine years.

In 2014, its quarterly sales fell for the first time in how long?
A: Seventeen years.

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