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Food trivia questions about food, vegetables, fruits, gum, coke, lobster Newburg, McDonald's, Burger King, and more.

What famous dish was named after shipping magnate Ben Weinberg?
A: Lobster Newburg.  Weinberg, who had sampled the dish in South America, passed the recipe on to the chef at Delmonico's in New York in the late nineteenth century.   The dish was named for him until he was involved in a drunken brawl and banned from the restaurant. Then it was altered to Newburg.

What favorite recipe of her and her husband's did First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy have taped to the wall in the White House kitchen?
A: The recipe for the daiquiri.

What beverage was advertised as "good to the last drop" in 1907?
A: Coca-Cola. The slogan was long forgotten by the time the line was adopted by Maxwell House coffee.

How long would a 130-pound person have to walk at a leisurely pace to burn off the calories in a McDonald's Big Mac? How about a Burger King Double Beef Whopper with cheese?
A: Two hours and one minute for the Big Mac; three hours and twenty-six minutes for the Double Whopper.

What popular soft drink contained the drug lithium--now available only by prescription--when it was introduced in 1929?
A: 7-Up, which originally was marketed under the name Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime soda. Lithium, now used to treat manic depression, was eliminated from the formula in the mid-1940s.

How did the croissant get its name?
A: From the crescent design (creissant in Old French) on the Turkish flag. Viennese bakers created the crescent-shaped rolls to mark their city's successful stand against Turkish invaders in 1683.

What recipe did Texas ice-cream maker Elmer Doolin buy for $100 from the owner of  a San Antonio cafe in 1933--and use to make a fortune?
A: The recipe for tasty corn chips that he marketed as Fritos. He made them at night in his mother's kitchen and peddled them from his Model-T-Ford.

What popular drink was marketed as Diastoid when it was first introduced in 1882?
A: The malted milk, which was first sold as a special food supplement for babies and sick people.

What did the Wrigley Company do to promote its chewing gum nationwide in 1914?
A: It mailed Doublemint gum to everyone listed in U.S. phone books.

What member of the British nobility received a special award from America's National Pickle packers Association in 1956 in recognition of an ancestor's invention?
A: The Earl of Sandwich, whose eighteenth-century ancestor--the fourth earl--is credited with having invented the sandwich. The pickle packers gave the award in appreciation of the sandwich's contribution to the consumption of pickles.

What percentage of the grains used in making bourbon must be corn?
A: 51 percent.

What are the five most frequently consumed fruits in the United States?
A: The banana, apple, watermelon, orange and cantaloupe--in order of their greatest consumption, according t the Food and Drug Administration.

What flavor did Baskin-Robbins introduce to commemorate America's landing on the moon on July 20, 1969?
A: Lunar Cheesecake.

What general introduced chicle--the main ingredient in chewing gum--to the United States?
A: Mexican general Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, while he was living in exile in New York City more than 30 years after he guaranteed himself a place in American History by storming the Alamo. He enjoyed chewing unflavored chicle and brought it north with him.

What eating utensil was first brought to America in 1630 by Massachusetts Bay Colony governor John Winthrop, who carried it around with him in a specially made, velvet-lined leather case?
A: The fork.

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