Fun Animal Trivia Quiz Questions


What is the common element between Grey,  Bean,  Canada,  Brent, and Barnacle?
A: They are types of Geese

What is the scent used for an artificial hare at greyhound racing tracks?
A:  Anise

Britain's largest carnivorous animal is what?
A:  Badger

Where are the best fun animal trivia quiz questions with answers?
A: Trivia Country!

A horses height is measured from the ground to what part?
A:  Withers, or the base of neck crest line

The Firefly, Longhorn, Harlequin and Tortoise are types of what kind of creatures?
A: Beetles

What is the correct name for The Laughing Jackass?
A:  Kookaburra

Slugs have four of what?
A:  Noses

The Order of the Elephant is the highest award of what country?
A: Denmark

What was the name of the racehorse decapitated in the film The Godfather?
A:  Khartoum

Russian blue and Turkish brown are what kind of animals?
A:  Cats

Of all of the insects, which has the best eyesight?
A:  Dragonfly

Which dinosaurs name translates as double beam?
A:  Diplodocus

The hippopotamus belongs to what animal family?
A:  Pig

What was the name of the first Seeing Eye Dog in the US?
A:  Buddy

In Kansas By law, in Kansas,  you can't drive what down the public street?
A:  Buffalo

In Disney's Jungle book  what are the names of the four vultures?
A:   John, Paul, George, and  Ringo

What dinosaurs name translates as roof lizard?a
 A:  Stegosaurus

In the story Animal Farm, what kind of creature was Benjamin?
A:  Donkey

What do you call a group of Colts?
A:  A rag In Utah you can get a license to hunt what Dinosaurs

What does a myrmecologist study
A:  Ants

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