Trivia questions with answers about the UK.

Through which Yorkshire city does the river Don flow?
A: Sheffield.

Which of the countries in the British isles is said to have the highest density of sheep in the world?
A: Wales.

The names of which two English towns, one in the heart of England and one in Kent, are prefixed by the word 'Royal'?
A: Royal Leamington Spa; Royal Tunbridge Wells

Which of the five original Cinque Ports has a name describing a snack?
A: Sandwich.

In which range of mountains is Aviemore, the Scottish winter sports center, situated?
A: Cairngorms.

Which Home County was absorbed into Greater London in the 1974 reorganization?
A: Middlesex.

In which county are England's largest lake and highest mountains situated?
A: Cumbria.

What was the name of the Roman road that ran from London to Chester?
A: Watling Street.

What is the name of the bight where the River Mersey joins the Irish Sea?
A: Liverpool Bay.

Which English county was created in 1974 when Bristol was merged with parts of south Gloucestershire and north Somerset?
A: Avon.

What is the name for the area of north Staffordshire where the Wedgwood and Minton factories are situated?
A: The Potteries.

Which Scottish waterway links the North Sea with the Atlantic Ocean?
A: Caledonian Canal.

Which motorway, the first in the UK, was opened as the Preston Bypass in 1958?
A: M6.

Which island and ferry port is connected to Anglesey by road and rail bridges?
A: Holyhead.

What is the name of the national park where the highest point is Kinder Scout?
A: The Peak District.

Which mountain system is sometimes referred to as 'the backbone of England'?
A: The Pennines.

Which is the only English island county?
A: Isle of Wight.

Which English county contains the area called the Dukeries?
A: Nottinghamshire.

Which wooded area of Nottinghamshire was once a royal park and hunting ground?
A: Sherwood Forest.

The Norfolk Broads are man-made. How were they created?
A: By peat-digging.

Which strait separates Anglesey from the mainland?
A: Menai Strait.

What is the highest point in England's Peak District?
A: Kinder Scout.

Which range of hills forms a natural border between England and Scotland?
A: Cheviots.

Which new town in Berkshire is home to the Meteorological office?
A: Bracknell.

Where in the British Isles are Macgillycuddy's Reeks and the Giant's Causeway?
A: Ireland.

Which city is the second largest in the UK?
A: Birmingham.

What is the common igneous rock that forms Fingal's Cave and Giant's Causeway?
A: Basalt.

Which English town is renowned for lace, pharmaceuticals, and tobacco?
A: Nottingham.

Which is the largest lake in the British Isles?
A: Lough Neagh.

What is the county town of County Antrim?
A: Belfast.

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