Trivia Questions and Answers - General Knowledge


What male vocalist had a 1960s No 1 hit with Honey?
A: Bobby Goldsboro.

The Green Berets, the only movie about the Vietnam conflict to be filmed while the war was going on, starred who?
 A : John Wayne.

Who was the first ever US President to resign in office?
A: Richard Nixon.

What did Tammy Wynette call her autobiography?
A: Stand by Your Man.

Who coined the word hello and introduced it as the proper way to answer a telephone call?
 A: Thomas Edison.

Martin Luther King declared he had ' what', where all Americans would live as equals?
 A: A dream.

Who declared, "The lady's not for turning"?
 A: Margaret Thatcher.

Cartoonist Milton Caniff used who as his inspiration for the Dragon Lady, in his "Terry and the Pirates" comic stirp?
 A: Joan Crawford.

Randolf Turpin beat whom to win the world middleweight boxing title in 1951?
A: Sugar Ray Robinson.

Who directed Apocalypse Now?
A: Francis ford Coppola.

Who directed the blockbusting movie Alien?
A: Ridley Scott.

Who famously announced "heeeere's Johnny" on the Johnny Carson show from the early 60s?
A: Ed McMahon.

What group had 1960s No 1s with Turn Turn Turn and Mr. Tambourine Man?
A: The Byrds.

What male vocalist and TV star had a 1950s No 1 with Poor Little Fool?
A: Ricky Nelson.

What blonde bombshell actress had her IQ measured at 163?
 A: Jayne Mansfield.

What was bovine spongiform encephalopathy called by the British press in 1996?
 A: Mad cow disease.

What was the project to develop the atomic bomb called?
 A: Manhattan Project.

What group had a big 60s No 1 with (You're My) Soul And Inspiration?
A: The Righteous Brothers.

Who is the Princess in the Super Mario Gang?
 A: Daisy.

How much money was the yearly salary of a public school teacher at the turn of the century?
 A: $325.

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