Fun Printable Animal Trivia Questions


What is the Latin name for the grizzly bear?
A: Ursus Artus Horribilus

Depending on the water temperature, what can oysters do?
A:  Change sex

An American porcupines teeth are what color?
A: Orange

The is no known language that does not have a word for what type of creature?
A:  Butterfly

Where can you find fun printable animal trivia questions?
A:At Trivia Country!

What was the name of the only horse that beat the legendary Man O War?
A:  Upset,  on the 12th of August 1919

What is the name of the first bird?
A: Archaeopteryx

Name the island whose wildlife is 90% unique.
A:  Madagascar

Bristlemouths are the world's most common what?
A:  Fish

What do you call a group of Leopards?
A:  A leap

What is the closest living relative to the T Rex?
A:  The Chicken

In Woodstock NY it's illegal to walk what dangerous animal without a leash?
A:  A Bear

In 1988 there was a shortage of what type of fish?
A: Swordfish

There are over 32,000 known species of what type of animal?
A:  Spiders

The word coyote comes from which language?
A:  Aztec

The Sea Otter is nicknamed what, because of its white whiskers?
A:  old man of the sea

The okapi belongs to what family of animals?
A:  Giraffe

What kind of creature sleeps with one eye open?
A:  Dolphin

Which nation has the largest number of elephants?
A:  Tanzania

The name "Phillip" comes from Greek meaning lover of what?
A: Horses

What is a Characin?
A: A  small fish