Free miscellaneous trivia questions


Kate Moss became the face of what in 1998?
A: L'Oreal.

What was the name of the nanny when the Lindbergh baby was kidnapped?
A: Betty Gow.

Which fellow actress did Faye Dunaway play in Mommie Dearest?
 A: Joan Crawford.

Warner Brothers merged with Time Inc in 1989 to make what?
A: Time Warner.

Henry Ford first mass-produced the what?
A: Car.

The flu caused twice as many fatalities in America and Europe in 1917-18 as there were in what war?
 A: WWI.

What actress starred in Psycho?
 A: Leigh.

Jockey Steve Cauthen rode what horse to the Triple Crown in 1978 aged 18?
 A: Affirmed.

Dr. Zhivago was a novel written by whom?
A: Boris Pasternak.

What Kennedy was going to get married when John F Kennedy Jr's plane crashed on its way to the wedding?
 A: Rory.

According to Herman's Hermits, who had a Lovely Daughter?
 A: Mrs. Brown.

Lillie Langtry was the mistress of whom?
A: Edward VII.

What automobile name came from some letters in the words 'general purpose'?
A: Jeep.

What famous poet once wrote that the female of the species is more deadly that the male?
A: Rudyard Kipling.

The Call of the Wild was penned by whom?
A: Jack London.

Mark "who", starred in Star Wars?
 A: Hamill.

Who did Celine Dion marry in 1994?
 A: Her Manager.

Who starred in Doc Hollywood?
 A: Michael J Fox.

What subject did Knute Rockne teach at Notre Dame before he was named head in 1918?
A: Chemistry.

What Swedish retailer IKEA broke new ground with a TV ad showing what kind of couple shopping for a table?
A: gay couple

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