Free international trivia and world trivia about topics such as the Battle of the Herrings, Egypt, Casanova, Queen Victoria, Blarney Stone, and more.

Fun international and world trivia questions and answers.

If you flew due east from Cape Horn where would you next pass over land?
A: Cape Horn--there's no other land at the same latitude.

What kind of car did Communist leader Nikolai Lenin equip with skis and half-tracks in order ot overcome Russia's heavy snows?
A: A Rolls-Royce.

What breed was Sir Winston Churchill's favorite pet dog, Rufus?
A:  A Poodle.

During what war was the Battle of the Herrings fought?
A: The Hundred Years' War. It took place on February 12, 1429, while the British were laying siege to Orleans and their Lenten rations of herring were intercepted by the French.

What kings were named by Egypt's King Farouk when he predicted, after being overthrown by Famal Abdel Nasser, that "one day there will be only five kings left"?
A: "Hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs and England."

How was Kublai Khan related to Genghis Khan?
A: He was the grandson of Genghis, the great Mongol conqueror.

What career was Casanova preparing for before he distinguished himself as a rogue and libertine?
A: The priesthood.

 What great ruler's name at birth was Sophie Friederike Auguste?
A: Catherine the Great's.

What unusual museum is located in Pontedassio, Italy?
A: The Museo Storico degli Spaghetti--or the Historical Museum of Spaghetti.

Who was the last British monarch to ascend to the throne as a teenager?
A: Queen Victoria, who was 18 when she became queen in 1837. She went on to reign a record 63-1/2 years.

How large -- in acres--is the area in France where grapes for Champagne are grown?
A: 85,000 acres--in the Pernay-Reims region, 90 miles east of Paris.

Who was the father of Icarus?
A:  Daedalus

Which chess piece has a name that could be a church official?
A:  Bishop

What are Delft, Sevres, Wedgwood, and Chelsea?
A:  Porcelain

What number does not exist in Roman Numerals?
A:  Zero

The Patron Saint of thieves is who?
A:  St Nicholas

Fu Manchu was created by what author?
A:  Sax Rohmer

What nation had the first women MPs in 1907?
A:  Finland

What is a snood?
A:  A hairnet

The Philosopher, Jeremy Bentham, had an odd pet , what was it?
A: A Tea Pot

George V1, Mozart, Al Jolson , and Casanova  were all members of what organization?
A:  Freemasons

Whose version of A "View to a Kill" reached 1 in America?
A: Duran Duran

The science fiction award, the Hugo, is named after who?
A:  Hugo Gernsback

In what country was Ian Fleming's house called Goldeneye ?
A:  Jamaica

Who was it that created doctor Who?
A:  Terry Nation

Chinese writings dating back to the fourth century B.C. mention fishing with a bamboo rod, silk line and hook made from a needle. What was used for bait?
A: Cooked rice.

According to Roman mythology, what was the name of the daughter born to cupid and Psyche?
A: Pleasure--or Volupta in Latin.

American children get their Easter eggs from the Easter Bunny. Who delivers Easter eggs to Swiss youngsters?
A: The Easter Cuckoo.

Where is Pushtu spoken?
A :In Afghanistan. It's one of the country's two official languages. The other is Dari persian.

What nation has the city of Godthaab as its capital?
A: Greenland.

What happened to the Latin inscription on the Blarney Stone?
A: The words were rubbed off the stone after years of removing the lipstick left by women who kissed it.

What are the Near Islands near?
A: The Alaska mainland, although they were named for their relatively close proximity to Russia. They are part of the Aleutian chain off the southern tip of the Alaska peninsula and became part of the U.S. with the purchase of Alaska in 1867.

How many languages are spoken in the Republic of Sudan, the largest country on the African continent?
A: 115--most of them tribal dialects.

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