People Trivia Quiz

How old was Charles Lindbergh when he first flew solo across the Atlantic?
A: 25.

Which First Lady had to give evidence over the Whitewater scandal?
A: Hillary Clinton.

About which British politician did Francois Mitterrand say, "She has the mouth of Marilyn Monroe and the eyes of Caligula?"
A: Margaret Thatcher.

Nigel Short was the youngest champion in which game in 1984?
A: Chess.

The best people trivia quiz questions with answers can be found where?
A: Trivia Country!

Earl Spencer appeared on whose US chat show?
A: Oprah Winfrey.

What did Woody Allen call his son as a tribute to Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong?
A: Satchel.

What relation is Joey Richardson to Vanessa Redgrave?
A: Daughter.

Which princess took out an injunction against a photographer after he tried to take photographs of her?
A: Princess Diana.

Which US journalist was released after  his arrest for spying in 1986?
A: Nicholas Daniloff.

In which decade did Berry Gordy set up Tamla Motown?
A: 1950s.

Who was the first person to fly in the 'citizen in space' program?
A: Christa McAuliffe.

Who designs under the Emporio label?
A: Armani.

Who did Mike Tyson defeat when he first won the WBC world heavyweight title at the age of 20?
A: Trevor Berbiek.

Melanie Molitor is the mom of which tennis world NO 1?
A: Martina Hingis.

Which American commander reached the North Pole at his sixth attempt in 1909?
A: Robert F. Peary.

In 1984 how was the baby who received the heart of a baboon known?
A: Baby Fae.

What was the name of NATO spokesman in the 1999 Kosovo crisis?
A: Jamie Shea.

Marc Dutroux hit the headlines over a 'house of horrors' in which country?
A: Belgium.

Which 80s Wimbledon Men's Singles champion is the father of twins?
A: Pat Cash.

Which daughter of the last Tsar of Russia was said to have escaped to America?
A: Anastasia.

Which soul singer is Whitney Houston's god mother?
A: Aretha Franklin.

Which Russian-born American wrote I, Robot?
A: Isaac Asimov.

In which state were Bonnie & Clyde killed?
A: Louisiana.

Which hospital was John Lennon taken to after he was shot?
A: Roosevelt Hospital.

Which Biblical name does Boris Becker's older son have?
A: Noah.

President Kennedy was shot on 22nd November; what day was Lee Harvey Oswald shot?
A: 24th November.

Who founded General Motors in 1908?
A: William C. Durant.

Nicoletta Mantovani hit the headlines through her relationship with which big figure in the entertainment world?
A: Luciano Pavarotti.

What was Clive Sinclair's personal transport vehicle called?
A: C5.

In 1997 The Duchess of York was signed up by which US newspaper to write a weekly column?
A: New York Times.

What did Mel ?B call her baby with Jimmy Gulzar?
A: Phoenix Chi.

Who designed Posh "Spice Victoria Adam's wedding dress?
A: Vera Wang.

Who is Julian Lennon's step-mother?
A: Yoko Ono.

Which American contralto was the first black singe to appear at the Metropolitan Opera?
A: Marian Anderson.

Why did Mrs. Tchaikovsky cause a sensation in 1928?
A: Claimed to be Russian Tsar's daughter.

Which American was the first ever person to retain an Olympic springboard diving title?
A: Greg Louganis.

Which university did Tony Blair and Bill Clinton both attend in their younger days?
A: Oxford.

What is the name of Paul and Linda McCartney's only son?
A: James.

Who won the first men's US Tennis Open, in 1968?
A: Arthur Ash.

Timothy McVeigh was convicted for which bombing?
A: Oklahoma.

What was Al Capone jailed for the very first time?
A: Carrying a gun.

Who was dubbed The Lone Eagle?
A: Charles Lindbergh.

Who was Oliver North's secretary during the Irangate scandal?
A: Fawn Hall.

Which singer married director Blake Edwards?
A: Julie Andrews.

What relation was "Waldorf Astor, who became a British member of Parliament, to US millionaire John Jacob Astor?
A: Great-grandson.

Where did John Dillinger have a distinctive scar?
A: Left hand.

Which French actor was the first to be broadcast live in the US via Telstar?
A: Yve Montand.