United States Trivia Quiz Questions

Which state on the Gulf of Mexico is nearest the end of the alphabet?
A: Texas.

To ten thousand square miles, what is the area of Michigan?
A: 58,125 square miles.

Groucho Marx resigned from where as he didn't care to belong to any club that would have him as a member?
A: Friars Club.

In which natural valley is San Jose?
A: Santa Clara.

What is the best web site to find US trivia quiz questions with answers?
A: This one... Trivia Country!

Truax Field international airport is in which US state?
A: Wisconsin

In what month was the attack on Pearl Harbor?
A: December.

How much did President Roosevelt pay so that the Panama Canal could be built?
A: $40 million.

In which Chicago theater did over 500 people die in a fire in 1903?
A: Iroquois Theater.

Who founded the American Institution of Public Opinion in 1935?
A: Gallup.

How long did it take to construct a Model T Ford in 1914?
A: 95 minutes.

Which couple were implicated in the Whitewater affair?
A: The Clintons.

Who created Sam Spade?
A: Dashiell Hammett.

Who did James Earl Ray shoot in Memphis in April 1968?
A: Martin Luther King.

Who did Dr. Crippen murder?
A: His wife.

What was the title of Nicholas II of Russia who was murdered with his family in 1917?
A: Tsar.

Who was the first president of the first university for black people in the USA?
A: Booker T Washington.

Who was the first black American to win the Nobel peace prize?
A: Ralph Bunche.

Where was the first nuclear reactor built, by Enrico Fermi?
A: Chicago.

Which state on the Gulf of Mexico has the longest name?
A: Mississippi.

In the 1904 Olympics, how many of the 23 track and field titles were won by Americans?
A: 21.

The Rotary Club was founded in 1905 in which American City?
A: Chicago.

Where is the HQ of Chrysler and General Motors?
A: Detroit.

In All In The Family, what was Archie's son-in-law's full name?
A: Mike Stivic.

What was the name of the son in Sandford and Son?
A: Lamont.

What is the architectural style of the Radio City Music Hall in New York?
A: Art Deco.

What was the debut movie of the actress born Shirley Beaty?
A: The Trouble With Harry.

On which river is the USA's highest concrete dam?
A: Colorado.

In square miles, how big is lake Superior?
A: 31,700.

What does the name of Hawaii's capital mean in Hawaiian?
A: Sheltered bay.

The Black Hills lie between which two rivers?
A: Belle Fourche and Cheyenne.

Near which town were there reports of a space ship landing on the 4th July 1947?
A: Roswell, New Mexico.

Philadelphia lies between which two rivers?
A: Delaware & Schuylkill.

Which magazine first described young women as 'flappers?'
A: Vanity Fair.

Where was the World Fair held in 1903?
A: St. Louis.

Which singer had the first names Harry Lillis?
A: Bing Crosby.

Whose last words were, "Now it's on to "Chicago and let's win there"?
A: Bobby Kennedy.

In what year was the first in-flight movie shown on an internal flight in the USA.
A: 1929.

What was the San Francisco Ballet formerly called?
A: San Francisco Opera Ballet.