Easy Trivia Quiz Questions


The Spice Girls promoted what soft drink?
A: Pepsi.

Carl Wilson was the youngest brother in what musical group?
A: Beach Boys.

Charles Manson received what sentence for the murder of actress Sharon Tate?
A: death penalty.

First Lady Hillary Clinton had to give evidence over what scandal?
A: Whitewater.

The last Tsar of Russia was said to had a daughter that escaped to America?  What was her name?
A: Anastasia.

I, Robot was authored by what Russian-born American writer?
A: Isaac Asimov.

American Greg Louganis was the first ever person to retain an Olympic title for what?
A: springboard diving.

Who was convicted for the Oklahoma city bombing?
A: Timothy McVeigh

What was the first name of the U.S. President that had the Teddy Bear named after him?
A: Theodore.

What famous singer/actress once said, "Some women get excited about nothing -  and then they marry him?
A: Cher.

Which kidnap victim was involved in a bank robbery and was seen brandishing a gun during the holdup?
A: Patty Hearst.

Mussolini led the government in Italy in the 20s and later became its what?
 A: Dictator.

Nicole Kidman married which Tom?
A: Tom Cruise.

What child actor starred in the hit movie Home Alone?
A: Macaulay Culkin.

What was the first name of US President Kennedy's wife?
A: Jackie.

In Mary Poppins, Julie Andrew's first film' she played the part of a what?
A: Nanny.

Who has been dubbed the Queen Of Soul?
A: Aretha Franklin.

What was buffalo Bill's real name?
A: William Cody.

What type of dance was Rudolf Nureyev famous for?
A: Ballet.

What was the name of the young woman who drowned at Chappaquiddick in 1969?
A: Mary Jo Kopechne.

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