Miscellaneous trivia questions and answers.

Miscellaneous trivia questions and answers.

What does a vamp have to do with a shoe?
A: It's the upper front part of a shoe.

What did Shirley Temple, Enrico Caruso, Irving Berlin, and Gene Tunney have in common?
A: When they married, their blue-blooded spouses were kicked out of the Social Register.

What shade results when the rhubarb plant is use din hair dye?
A: Blond. Its principal active ingredient is chrysophanol.

How many square inches are there in an acre?
A:6,272,640. It's the number of square feet in a n acre (43,560) times the number of square inches in a square foot (144).

What is the maximum flight speed of a Boeing 747-300 jetliner?
A: 583 miles per hour.

What was the greatest number of people ever carried on an airship?
A: 207. they were aboard the U.S. Navy's Akron in 1931. The trans-Atlantic record is 117--held by the ill-fated Hindenburg, which exploded in May 1937.

According to Aristotle, what determined whether a baby would turn out to be a girl or a boy?
A: Wind direction.

How many teaspoons are there in a cup?
A: 48. There are 3 teaspoons to a tablespoon and 16 tablespoons to a cup.

Why did local environmental officials spray-paint 108 pink plastic flamingos white and place them in groups around marshes in the Everglades?
A: To attract snowy egrets, white ibis and wood storks. The plastic flamingos were much cheaper than white egret decoys.

What was the symbolism behind flying a flag at half-mast as a sign of mourning when the custom was first introduced at sea in the seventeenth century?
A: The top of the mast was left empty for the invisible flag of death.

What are the names of the six Gummi Bears?
A: Gruffi, Cubbi, Tummi, Zummi, Sunni and Grammi.

How are the monkeys Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru better know to us?
A: As See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil, respectively.

If all the water were drained from the body of an average 160-pound man, how much would the body weight?
A: 64 pounds.

What is the average life expectancy of a toilet?
A: 50 years.

Which was the first Impressionist painting to be owned by the French government?
A: Edouard Manet's Olympia which was bought through public subscription in 1890, seven years after his death. It is still owned by the Louvre.

What famous medal depicts three naked men with their hands on each other's shoulders?
A: The Nobel Peace Prize.

What percentage of men are left-handed? How about women?
A: 10 percent of men; 8 percent of women.

According to the Greek philosopher Aristotle, what part of the body served as the seat of the emotions?
A: The liver.

What was the childhood nickname of Leslie Hornby, the English model and sometimes actress better known as Twiggy?
A: Sticks. It's the nickname Twiggy was derived from, given to her because of her gangling appearance.

What are the six fields of endeavor for which Nobel Prizes are awarded?
A: Physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, peace and economic science, Economic science was added in 1969.

Nineteenth-century English physician Peter Mark Roget devised his famous thesaurus to help people find the right word. what equally useful tool did he develop for those searching for mathematical solutions?
A: A special (log-log) slide rule.

From what is rice paper made?
A: The pith--the inner part of the trunk--of a small tree native to swampy forests of southern China and Taiwan.

What day is the middle day of the year-- in non-leap years?
A: July 2nd. There are 182 days before it, and 182 after.