Easy Trivia Questions


In the 1953 biopic about the famous Houdini who played the starring role?
A: Tony Curtis

Jane Seymour appeared in which Bond film?
A: Live and Let Die.

O'Hare International airport is in which city?
 A: Chicago.

Rap originated In what country?

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the U.S. declared war on which country?
 A: Japan.

Where are the best easy free trivia questions with answers?
 A: Trivia Country!

What was the movie "Twister "about?
 A: Tornados.

Author Samuel Langhorne Clemens wrote under what name?
 A: Mark Twain.

What is the name of the prehistoric town in which The Flintstones live?
A: Bedrock

What do fish use their gills for?
 A: To absorb oxygen from the water.

What type of acid is found in lemons?
A: Citric Acid.

Barbie dolls were first made in which 20th-century decade?
A: 1950s.

What does the F stand for in FBI?
 A: Federal.

Every time he tells a lie what happens to Pinocchio?
 A: His nose grows longer.

The Aloha State is what?
A: Hawaii.

The name of Dr. Seuss's egg-hatching elephant is what?
 A: Horton.

American supermarkets introduced what kind of codes in the mid 70s?
 A: Bar codes.

How many carats is pure gold?
A: 24.

Carlos Estevez is better known as whom?
 A: Charlie Sheen.

How long did the Arab-Israeli War of 1967 last?
A: Six days.

A 2000 year old, life size terracotta army was discovered in which country?
A: China.