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Trivia questions about Cinema and TV shows and movie and film stars.

Which author wrote the books on which the films 2001: A Space Odyssey and 1010: Space Odyssey 2 were based?
A: Arthur C. Clarke.

Who directed The Godfather in 1972 and its two sequels in 1972 and 1990?
A: Francis Ford Coppola.

Native life in which part of India is the subject of Satyajit Ray's great trilogy of films beginning with Pather Panchali?
A: Peter Weir.

What was the title of the big box-office flop that almost caused the collapse of United Artists in 1980?
A: Heaven's Gate.

Where is the main center of Dutch broadcasting?
A: Hilversum.

What was the title of the film in which Charlie Chaplin spoke for the first time?
A: Monsieur Verdoux.

Why was Ingrid Bergman ostracized by Hollywood for may years?
A: For leaving her husband to have another man's child.

What was Sam Goldwyn's real name?
A: Goldfish.

Which was the second of the Star Wars film?
A: The Empire Strikes Back.

Name two dwarfs beginning with 'D' from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
A: Doc and Dopey.

For which film did John Wayne win his only Academy Award?
A: True Grit.

Whose first film as a director was Ordinary People?
A: Robert Redford.

What were the animals in the tile of the film which won an Oscar for Best Picture in the 1990 Academy Awards?
A: Wolves. (Dances with Wolves)

What does HDTV stand for?
A: High-Definition Television.

Which Hollywood legend's career spanned Way Down East in 1920 and The Whales of August in 1987?
A: Lillian Gish.

In how many films did James Dean appear?
A: Three.

Who played the part of Spike in the television comedy show Hi-di-Hi?
A: Jeffery Holland.

Which actress made her debut opposite Humphrey Bogart in To Have and Have Not, and later married him?
A: Lauren Bacall.

Which American playwright wrote the television film Playing For Time in 1980?
A: Arthur Miller.

Who were the French brothers who patented their cinematograph in 1895?
A: Auguste and Louis Lumiere.

Which actor did Mae West choose as her co-star for the film She Done Him Wrong?
A: Cary Grant.

Which French filmmaker made The 400 Blows, Jules et Jim and Day for Night?
A: Francois Truffaut.

Which early screen idol was known as 'the Profile'?
 A: John Barrymore.

In a standard cine film, how many frames are shown each second?
A: 24.

Who wrote the screenplay for the Bond film You Only Live Twice?
A: Roald Dahl.

Where is the main center of Dutch broadcasting?
A: Hilversum.

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