Random Easy Trivia Questions


John "who", travelled in space over 35 years after his first flight?
 A: Glenn.

Mark "who", starred in the movie Star Wars?
 A: Hamill.

Martina "who", dominated tennis in the 80s?
 A: Navratilova.

In what town in Massachusetts did witch trials take place in 1892?
 A: Salem.

Where is the best place to find random easy trivia quiz questions with answers?
 A: Trivia Country!

Movie Actor Morgan Freeman was Easy Reader in what TV series?
 A: The Electric company.

What body of water is off the California coast?
 A: The Pacific ocean.

Florida's Everglades are famous for its what type of animal?
 A: alligators.

What organ of Albert Einstein was preserved after his death?
 A: Brain.

Which river flows into the Gulf of Mexico and begins at Lake Itasca Minnesota?
 A: Mississippi.

Michael Jordan promoted what shoe company?
A: Nike.

The Challenger spacecraft did what on take-off in January 1986?
 A: exploded.

Which state has the largest number of shark attacks each year?
A: Florida, with about What state is called the Empire State?
 A: New York. 13 a year.

What western state is famous for Disneyland and the film industry?
A: California.

The Titanic was the world's biggest what when it was launched in 1912?
 A: passenger ship.

What state was the 50th state to become part of the United States of America?
A: Hawaii.

George Orwell uses what year in the Title of one of his  Books?
A: 1984.

What inventor averaged one patent for every three weeks of his life?
A: Thomas Edison.

Marin Luther King declared he had a ' what', where all Americans would live as equals?
 A: A dream.

Who lost part of his ear to the biting ability of Mike Tyson in 1997?
 A: Evander Holyfield.

Lana Lang was whose high school sweetheart?
A: Clark Kent's.